Easy Low-budget Ways to Improve Your Home Security

You’ve spent a lifetime and a lot of money to create a lovely home for yourself and your family, right? Naturally, you want it to be as secure as the Batcave. The thing is, you probably don’t have the same amount of money as Bruce Wayne, nor do you have Alfred to keep an eye on the cameras. 

Fear not, that’s not a problem. Making your house secure is something that you can do even without having to be a billionaire. That’s why you need to everything possible to deter them, and if you continue reading, you’ll see how you can do it.


Easy Low-budget Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Keep in mind that your home should be secure at all times, not just by night when you’re sleeping. Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia. Most homes are burglarized during the day because of one simple reason – Burglars don’t want to confront anyone, and that’s exactly why they choose to do their ‘’business’’ during the day.

Common Sense

Common sense should be classified as a super power because not many people have it. One of the best ways to get robbed is to leave the window open when you’re not at home. Some people do that ‘’to let the air in’’. You shouldn’t, at least if you want your TV to stay in your possession.

If you’re taking a long trip somewhere, don’t announce it to everyone and don’t advertise that by packing the trunk of your car in the afternoon. Do it when no one can see it, at night.

Additionally, use programmable timers to light your home while you’re not in it to create an illusion that someone is home.

Light Up Your House

No one said that you could light up your house only on Christmas. Make your home shine like the Disney castle. Burglars don’t like to be seen (obviously) and even if they’re planning to burglarize a home, they’ll probably skip yours if you put a couple of outdoor lanterns on your porch or in your yard.

A slightly more expensive version of this would be installing motion sensors that trigger the lights when someone’s nearby. This option will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to keep the lights turned on at all times.


Alarms might cost a bit more than you had hoped, but they’re actually the wisest investment that you can make. Modern alarms will immediately notify you and the police if there’s something happening in your home. If you really can’t afford it, then go for a regular alarm system. It’s loud enough to alarm you and your entire neighborhood, that’s for sure.

Upgrade Locks

Even with the most advanced alarm system and with all the precautions in place, your home will not be completely burglar-proof without a good and sturdy lock; any experienced locksmith in Rhodes will tell you that. When picking a lock, you must consider two things – That it fits the style of your house, and that it has a Grade 1 deadbolt.


If you’re a dog lover, then you finally have an excuse to get a pet. A barking dog is a fantastic addition to security, and it’s sometimes much better than the alarm system. The dog will bark, growl, and possibly even try to bite the burglar. As we all know, no one wants to deal with an animal that can hurt them.

Some families can’t afford to get a dog, but you know what they can afford? A ‘’beware of dog’’ sign and a large dish to make it look like they have a dog. That will make any burglar think twice.


Protect your home and your loved ones at all times. Some home security options are expensive; some are not. It all depends on what you need and your home security preference. Take your time and make your home safer by only opting for the things you need.

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