6 Amazing Design Ideas To Set Up Your Kid’s Playroom

Your child is constantly going through stages of development and it is always learning something new. It is in its best interest to inspire its curiosity and creativity each step of the way. Their playroom is probably the room where they spend most of their time while in the house, which is why you need to make sure that it is an excellent learning resource. 

Find out 6 amazing design ideas to set up your kid’s playroom!


6 Amazing Design Ideas To Set Up Your Kid’s Playroom

Creative Walls

The chalkboard paint is one of the perfect solutions for your child’s playroom. To overcome the challenge of height, you can fix a stepladder on one side of a wall and make a rock-climbing path on the other to allow them to reach even the far-up parts of the wall. They can use the board to write, draw, organize, make lists, and play classroom, whatever makes them happy.

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

While you can try making this happen on your own, it might be slightly better to have professional assistance at least with this one wall. You want to ensure that the paint is equally distributed and has the right effect.

Follow the footsteps of traditional nail and string art by creating a board for your children to play with. Keep safety in mind and instead of nails, use wooden pins with round heads. You can use a pegboard as a base and stick the pins into its holes. Plug all of the holes with pins to leave as much space as possible for creativity. You can cut out and send wood for the pins and your children can paint them and stick them into the pegboard.

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

Have you heard of the quiet book? The quiet wall works on the same principle. Cover a part of your wall with a large piece of felt to use as a base. Use felt of different colors to cut out and make stick-on shapes. Depending on their age, your children could help you make the pieces. Be very creative and include people, buildings, animals, vehicles etc.


Teach your children an important lesson of organizing, taking care of their belongings and keeping their room tidy by the use of smart storage. Depending on how much stuff they have and how big the room is, you can make shelves or drawer cabinets and mark them with the letters of the alphabet.

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

Your children can help you divide their toys based on the initial letters, prepare the letters and arrange them to name each of the shelves. This way they will stay organized and find their toys easily, and it will help them master the alphabet.

A Mural

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

A mural could take your children into the land of imagination. If you are not particularly good at drawing or painting, hire a professional to assist. Alternatively, you could use a projector to produce the outline of an image you want to paint, trace it with a pencil and paint over it. Another easy solution is wall decal. Select the one you like the best and ask your children to assist in composing the image and sticking it to the wall.

Role Playing

Create various role playing areas for your children. Some of the usual must-haves are a clubhouse, a kitchen, and a tent. You don’t have to stick to that scope, create a store, a forest, a castle or a submarine, whatever it is your children prefer. These can be both store-bought and custom made but they require different levels of skills.

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

Depending on how ambitious you are, you may need to have it done professionally to make sure it’s done well and that it is safe. If you have experience with woodwork, you can do it yourself. Alternatively, you can make them out of cardboard boxes and in that case, even your children can help. Roleplaying will boost their imagination.

Music therapy

One of the roleplay areas can include the stage for the orchestra. From very young age, children enjoy producing different sounds and playing with them. Furthermore, having space for little orchestra can boost their creativity and allow them to practice if they are talented for playing an instrument. You can get affordable stein pianos and used guitars and perhaps a violin and a flute to provide a variety.

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

If you, yourself can play, this will be even more magnificent. You can fill the room with music. Music is used as therapy for children with emotional issues and learning disabilities. Even though your child may be neither of the two, they can still benefit from some light tunes.

Arts And Crafts

No playroom should go without the arts and crafts zone. Turn one of the corners into a studio. Provide a table with some chairs and plenty of art supplies, nicely stored away and easily available. Use the selves and the walls in the room to display the art created. Perhaps you could frame the paintings and hang them where they, according to the theme, fit the best.

ideas to set up your kid’s playroom

Most of the projects you tackle in your child’s room can be done with different skill levels. It is up to you to decide whether you want to do something yourself and live with potential imperfections, or you want to hire a pro. DIY projects are some of the best family activities, which is why you should take some risk and do it with the help of your children.

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