Simple Ideas for Designing a Bathroom You Need To Know

It may seem like bathrooms designs are not particularly inspiring or that there are not that many trends to follow – but nothing could be further from the truth. Bathrooms are our private corners of indulgence and a well-crafted design could play a crucial role in this.

When designing a bathroom, you can play around with different styles and go for an eclectic look. Your main goal should be comfort and you should try to create a unique style that suits your preferences and needs.


Simple Ideas for Designing a Bathroom You Need To Know


Vintage is all the rage this year when it comes to bathroom design. The old-time look is easy to replicate without compromising the comfort or functionality of the modern bathroom. The first thing you should do is pick a specific period you want to recreate and stick to it – combining a lot of different time periods can be a bit tacky.

If you’re able, try to find original pieces in local shops and spruce them up a bit. This sort of attention to details will make the effort seem more genuine. However, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t sacrifice to authenticity, it’s the lighting. Keep it modern, for both safety and functionality.

Large Tiles

Tiles are pretty much a ubiquitous part of any bathroom and usually, there isn’t much you can do with them. You shouldn’t use more than two colors or textures because it can’t look good regardless of how large the bathroom is. A trend of using large tiles could turn this around and make ordinary bathroom tiles interesting again.

Natural stone tiles with a touch of gray and white veining are the most popular option and the only difference between them and the regular ones is that you may need to use stronger reinforcing to make sure everything fits.


For most people, the bath is the central part of any bathroom. It should be placed strategically in order to provide both comfort and privacy. If you want to create a luxurious hotel vibe in your own bathroom, look into freestanding baths which allow you to decorate the room around them.

The best way to go is to place the bathtub close to the largest window if you have one. A small table beside the bathtub will look both practical and elegant if you manage to fit the colors seamlessly.


Adding a bit of life to your bathroom will make the whole room appear brighter and friendlier. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right plants for your bathroom. First of all, you need to have enough light or choose the plants that don’t require that much of it.

Plants give a lush and even luxurious look which is best accentuated if it’s contrasting the rest of the design.


Themes are an especially popular way to design a bathroom and they don’t need to be that elaborate to work. Pulling off a historical theme could take time and money. Sometimes, it’s enough to decide on geometric shapes and use them throughout your bathroom to get a coherent look.

Start with floor, wall and ceiling patterns. These could be made just by choosing the right pattern of tiles. Having a square tub or sink could also add to this look and make the bathroom a bit quirky.


You can always experiment with bathroom design. There are no rules as to what’s over the top and there’s nothing like having your own little corner in the house to relax in. Kate from Top Reaven have some great ideas that can totally transform your bathroom. Don't miss it!

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