How to Wall Mount a TV: The Only Guide You Need

Ever bought a television and wondered how to mount it to the wall? Well, wonder no more! Here is your quick guide and it is the only guide you need. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to wall mount a TV with no trouble whatsoever.


Why mount my television to the wall you ask? Well, if you mount your television to the wall, you will be able to experience the maximum cool factor and have that super-clean look to for your entertainment center.

Once you know how to wall mount a TV, there is no going back to watching your television on a stand. Now that you are sold on the idea, we can get started. There are six easy steps to follow to wall mount a television:

Pick a Position on the Wall

Keep in mind that viewing angles are everything. You want to be able to pick a position on the wall where you can experience the best picture quality. The last thing you want is to have to move the television to another position afterward.

With this in mind, consider the position carefully.

Find the Wall Studs

With the help of a stud finder find the studs on the wall. Remember to mark the studs once you find them. This can be done with a pencil or painters’ tape.

Mark and Drill the Holes

Now it is time to drill the holes where the mounting screws will be placed. It would be ideal to use a friend for this. Hold the mount up to the wall and make sure it is leveled straight. Drill the holes where you have made the marks.

Attachment of Mounting Bracket to the Wall

Now that you have the mounting bracket drilled into the wall in the ideal position, it is time to attach the mounting plate to the television. The mounting plate attachment has some holes located on the back of the television need to be attached to the bracket.

Mount the Television to the Wall

This is the step in which you will need your friend. Your friend will come in handy as you will need to lift the television carefully. With the help of your friend, line up the mounting plate to the bracket on the wall.

Make sure to use the instructions that have been published by the manufacturer to ensure that everything is done correctly.

If your TV has an antenna do not stress. You can simply call an antenna installation service to get it hooked up correctly.

And that enjoy watching your newly-mounted TV!


This was not that difficult, was it? These easy steps to follow have given you the opportunity to mount a television to your wall.

Now you have learned how to wall mount a TV, you can enjoy watching television like never before—plus you can help your friends mount their TVs!

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