An Easily Guide on How to Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner

You must admit that when you first bought the car, it was amazingly beautiful, glossy, and elegant. But as the time goes, it becomes drossy and inelegant. As it goes from one place to another it collects a lot of dirt, muds from the roads. On the other hand, there is also equivalent dirt such as pet hair, dust from shoes, food particles, etc. in front of your car. They can be the reason of asthma, allergies, and much more problem.

You can wash the outside of the car by washing and cleaning. But you can’t do that inside the car. So what can you do? Well, vacuuming can be a solution for you. Vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to clean the internal part of your car.


Type of Vacuum Cleaner For The Process

 You can use any kind of vacuum cleaner to do this though there are specialized car vacuum cleaners which can give you the most efficient result. However, you can also use the typical vacuum cleaners such as the one you use to clean tile floor using the vacuum. In this content, I will discuss the process of how to use a car vacuum cleaner to clean your car from home.

Normally, most of the people clean their car from the car workshops. But cleaning the car by using the car vacuum cleaner is a pretty easy job. You can clean it from your home if you know the process. I have described the process of cleaning the car using the car vacuum cleaner in below:

Step-1: Choose a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

Dirt that stays inside your car is very sticky. As a result, you will need a powerful vacuum cleaner to bring them out. The vacuum cleaner should be able to reach almost all the interior of your car. The vacuum cleaners that have extendable hose are the best choice for this task. In addition, you will also need some tools such as brush and other attachments of the vacuum cleaner to implement your purpose perfectly.

Step-2: Open All the Door of Your Car

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

You will need to open the doors several times to vacuum perfectly. Open all the door of your car before vacuuming so that you will not need to repeatedly open and close car doors. You will also be able to access the convenient part when the car door is open. On the other hand, opening the car door will also create enough ventilation which can help to remove odors from the car.

Step-3: Take away all the Items from The Car

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

There are a lot of disposable items in your car that can stop you from cleaning fully. These items include trash box, papers, bags, cans, and other ornaments. Well, I don’t mean to throw them away. You can put them together in a basket and use them again after cleaning the car. You should also take away the floor mate outside the car and clean it normally. Also, remove the other mats and covers.

Step-4: Clean the Slack Dirt

Now you can proceed with your vacuum cleaner. At first, the loose dirt will be your target. Clean the dirt with the help of vacuum cleaner. You will not need to use the attachments at this time. Vacuum the carpet, seat, seat folds, and all the area that the vacuum cleaner can reach.

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

After that, use the wide attachments to remove the dark from the floor and vacuum the floor again with the smaller attachments to make sure that the floor pedals has cleaned perfectly.

Step-5: Remove Trapped Dirt with the Brushes

You have already cleaned most of the part of your car. However, you are not done yet. There is still a lot of dirt which can be very sticky and trapped in the fibers. Normally, the vacuum cleaner cannot take them out. You can use an inflexible brush to remove this kind of dirt.

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

You can use soft and flexible brushes to clean the dust and dirt from the where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach such as vents and nooks area.

Step-6: Clean the Mats

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

Now it’s time to care for the floor mats. At first, shake the floor mats or bang them in a wall to remove the loose dirt from it. Now, start vacuuming from one side to another fully so that the specks of dust from the fibers come out. You can also clean the mats with detergent and water to give them a better look. Reinstall the mats in the same place after cleaning them perfectly.

Step-7: Don’t Forget the Dashboard and Displays

Most of the people forget to clean the dashboard and displays of their car in the time of vacuuming. They may contain much more dirt from the other part and they need to be vacuumed too. Use the brush attachments to clean these areas.

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

You will need to be careful as the parts are made of soft transparent plastic and the brush can create scratches on the vacuum host. You can clean the area with a soft and dry cloth instead of the vacuum cleaner to stay out of the risk.

Step-8: Clean the Trunk too

The trunk is the place where most of the dirt is stays and most of the time we don’t care about them. We store a lot of items very often in the trunk and as a result, the trunk becomes dirtier faster than the other part of the car.

how to use a car vacuum cleaner

The dirt and dust from the trunk is also a reason of the dirt in the front. So, you will need to vacuum this part too. Take away all the trash and clutters, and vacuum the whole trunk from the top to bottom.


That’s all, you are done now. You will get a better and mind-blowing interior of the car. Place the items and ornaments in their place and you are ready to go again with your car.

Hopefully, this vehicle vacuum guide will help you to clean your car completely at home. If you have any issues at the time of following the process, then please feel free to ask us.

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