How To Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath: All You Need To Know

There are many aspects of house remodels. Some are done to accommodate growing families, others to increase comfort, or very often, to increase the value of a home. Changing your half-bath, also known as, the powder room, can be demanding but it has its benefits. Have a look at the general remodeling outline and look for references online if you are interested in people’s experiences.


Elements Of A Bathroom

There are four basic elements of every bathroom. These are a sink, toilet, shower, and a bathtub. The latter two can be combined into one, but they have to be able to offer the choice, that is, you should be able to do both.

Everything else you have on top of it is considered to be an additional feature. A bathroom which contains all of the elements is called a full bathroom.

What Is A Half-Bath?

Well, it is very logical. A half bath contains two of the elements listed above. It is usually the toilet and the sink. In fact, we honestly doubt there could be a different choice of elements still comprising a functional whole.

How To Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath

You could also run into a quarter bathroom with just a toilet in it, or a three-quarter bathroom, missing a bathtub, or a shower.

The Purpose

A full bathroom is something you would usually find connected to a master bedroom. They are usually situated on the same level where the bedrooms are. A half-bath is something that serves for the convenience of those spending time in different parts of a house, including visitors. It is usually placed close to the communal, that is living area.

Due to its convenience, it is a greatly desired feature and is known to have a great return on investment for those looking to sell a property.

Why Would You Want To Alter It Then?

Families tend to expand with time and so there is often a need for the home expansion or re-purposing of certain rooms. If you want to turn a playroom, or a study into a bedroom, you need to have a full, or at least a three-quarter bath on the same level.

How To Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath

This is when you should look into the option of expanding your half-bath.

Make Room For It

Half-baths are big space savers, this is why this conversion, also requires expansion. Find the most suitable way you can spread, without affecting any structural elements and by causing as little damage to the rest of the house as possible.

Look into other rooms to see where you may have extra space. Try only altering one of them, instead of chipping space from, for example, three surrounding rooms. When looking into the direction you can spread in, mind the existing plumbing and wiring.

Select A Tub Or A Shower

You have freedom of choosing whichever type of the tub you want, however, make sure you mind the space available. With these remodels people usually try to rearrange the existing elements and try to make the additional element as small as possible.

How To Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath

Any Professional bathroom renovation services will tell you that a full-length tub and a proper walk-in shower are usually out of the question. The best choice is an acrylic shower pan or a tub. They are easily installed and either placed on shims or mortared directly on the floor.

Redoing Plumbing

If you are rearranging the existing elements, the easiest would be to keep the toilet in the same place, if it is possible. When it comes to the additional features, you need to think about the drain and the slope leading to it. It has to be at least 2 inches in diameter, but you can use the 3-inch one already used for the toilet.

You will probably need additional plumbing installed to allow for the bathtub faucets. All of the plumbing should be done by a licensed professional.


All the additional wiring you provide for the remodeled bathroom needs to be done carefully. Not only that electricity is dangerous on its own, but you are doing it in a room which will often have high humidity levels. You should have this work done by a licensed electrician, regardless of how skilled you think you might be. It will have to be certified by a professional anyway.

Walls And Flooring

How To Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath

Ceramic tiles or stone are an obvious choice here due to moist. Make sure you provide additional waterproof insulation. This room will now have higher humidity levels than before. Unless handled properly, moist could create a perfect soil for mold, damage the walls, and create an unhealthy environment.

This type of project usually requires permits, so make sure you obtain them before you start. With the right amount of space, this remodel is easier than it sounds. One potential obstacle could be the price, which is north of $3000 in most cases. However, the room is essential and thus the cost is justified.

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