Ultimate Guide On How To Remove Stripped Hex Screw

Screws are extremely useful and important in the present day world. From allowing you to attach things to each other to helping you in hanging photos and a range of other tasks – a hex screw is all that you need. But do you know how to remove stripped hex screw from its place? Fret not! We will be talking about this in detail.


There are various types of screws available today – from the ordinary screws which are used for household applications to the special hex bolts that are used in heavy machinery and industry. Even our mobile phone has minute screws that hold it together. One of the major advantages of using a screw in place of a nail is the ability of the screw to be removed if needed.


With so many different varieties of screws that are available in the market, there should be more than one way to tighten and remove a screw. Let’s see how you can remove a stripped hex screw from its place without beating around the bush.

3 Ways On How To Remove Stripped Hex Screw

Before we get into the actual removing procedure of a stripped hex screw, please note that there is more than one way of achieving this. Some of the methods are direct and easy whereas the others might require a bit more effort. The difficulty of removing a stripped hex screw depends on the kind of screw that you are looking to unfasten.


Before you try to use any of the more complex methods in the list, try using a pair of pliers to force the hex screw free from its spot. If this fails, you can follow any of these methods.

#1 : Using A Grinding Disk And Screwdriver

Things You Will Need:

  • Grinding disk or a saw blade
  • A screwdriver

It is used for cutting purposes due to its sharp edges.



  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3

First cut a slot just enough to accommodate the screw driver tip in the stripped hex screw head using a cutting disk or grinding disk.

Check the tutorial video below:

The main disadvantage associated with this method is that it is really difficult to remove the stripped hex screw without damaging the screw. Extra care should be taken when applying the rotating cutting disk as too much pressure can break the screw.

It becomes harder when you are trying to remove hex screws that are made from stainless steel or toughened steel as these are generally much harder and stronger than conventional screws. You will have to use a reinforced cutting disk for this process. Proper care should also be taken when using a cutting disk. They can be dangerous and the dust from it can cause health issues.

#2 : Using A Torx And An Extension

Another way of removing a stripped hex screw from its place is using a Torx bit and an extension. A Torx bit is a specially designed screw head that has 6 points star-shaped structure.

Things You Will Need:

  • A torx bit
  • A socket
  • A screwdriver
  • A hammer

A Torx bit is a type of screw head with 6-point star shaped pattern.



  • step 1
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Take a Torx bit that is one size up or slightly larger than the hole of the screw head. Using a hammer or any other such device, tap and firmly fix the torx bit on the spot.

Check the tutorial video below:

#3 : Using A Screw Extractor

Things you will need:

  • A pair of pliers
  • A screw extractor
  • Drilling machine

This is a tool to hold with firm grip.



Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove stripped hex screw using screw extractor.

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • step 4

Using the screw extractor, punch a hole in the center of screw head with the help of a hammer.

Check the tutorial video below:

Care should be taken when turning the extractor as uneven pressure might break the extractor.

In addition to following the above steps to remove hex screw, here are a few tips that can help you in removing a stripped hex screw from its position.

Quick Tips For Easy Removal Of Stripped Hex Screw For Its Place

Increase Your Grip Strength

If it is still possible to grip the screw with a screwdriver, you can try to increase the strength of your grip. This can increase the chances of the removal of hex screw. Use the largest manual screwdriver that you have and which fits the screw.

Also, if possible, use a wrench to grip the screwdriver as it can increase the leverage. If the screw is attached to a metal surface, you can use penetrating oil to make it easier.

Improve grip

If your screwdriver is slipping out of the stripped hole, then you can use a small piece of material to provide an extra bit of grip to the screwdriver. You can use a piece of a wide rubber band, a piece of steel wool, green abrasive from the kitchen sponge and duct tape to improve the grip of the screwdriver on the screw head.

Try heating the area

Heating the area around the screw or bolt can help in loosening it up. But be careful as the material to which the screw is fastened might not be heat resistant and thus might get damaged.

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Use a propane torch or heat gun to heat the area while constantly moving the device around to prevent overheating. This is especially true if the screw was set in place with the help of a bonding agent.

Over To You

Screws are a really important tool in our daily lives which literally hold most of the things around us intact by using auto feed screw gun. So it is only reasonable that you learn about the different types of screws and how to remove them. Follow the above-mentioned methods to remove stripped hex screw on the go.

If you have any more doubts or queries about the article, please feel free to contact us through the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share the article if you found it useful and informative as it could help someone else who is in need.

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