How to Remodel a Kitchen That’s Always in Style

A kitchen remodel is one of the biggest projects you can take on, but it also pays off in added value to your home and functionality for your family. However, figuring out what materials and designs to use isn't easy. The styles that are popular today may go out of fashion in a couple of years, and then your investment will be worthless. Instead of going with trendy materials or colors, choose elements that are classic enough to remain in style for years to come.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to remodel a kitchen is $23,470, but this varies based on square footage and the quality of materials chosen. Features such as custom cabinets and granite counters cost more than basic models and may drive the costs of remodeling higher. When you're spending a big chunk of money, you want the kitchen to be as stylish in five years as it is today.


Here are seven ways of ensuring your remodel stays fashionable long after the work is done.

Choose White Cabinets

You've probably noticed the trend toward white cabinets. They were in style 20 years ago and they still are today. They'll likely be fashionable in 20 more years. The brightness of white and the ability to go with any color decor makes this the perfect choice for cabinets, which are one of the most costly things to replace in a kitchen.

If you already have cabinets and are just planning on refacing, white is an excellent choice that livens up your entire kitchen.

Upgrade What Can't Be Seen

Many people who purchase newer homes do so to avoid problems with electricity or plumbing. However, you can make an older home more attractive by upgrading these things. While these upgrades aren't immediately noticeable to buyers, they may add value that pushes your home into a competitive position against newer houses.

If you're pulling up flooring, check the joists underneath and do any and all needed repairs to ensure your home is structurally sound and will withstand the next 50 years without any major problems.

Add Subway Tile

A backsplash adds both beauty and function to your kitchen, protecting your walls from grease and other splatters while adding interest between counters and cabinets. Subway tile has been popular since the 1970s and continues to remain in prominence today. The simplicity of the design is one that resonates with most people. You can add a bit of interest with a bit of color, such as seafoam green or an insert of colorful tiles.

Install Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are desirable for most people looking to purchase a new home. The average ROI for installing wood floors ranges from 70-80% and could add 2.5% to a home's sale price. However, hardwood and spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms don't always mesh well together.

Fortunately, some waterproof options look like the real thing, such as vinyl planks or wood-look tile. You can also install wood floors and simply replace boards if the worst happens and you have a leak.

Stick With Clean, Straight Lines

When choosing cabinets, go with a shaker style or something with straight lines and little fanfare. Stay away from embellishments, as they tend to date cabinets quickly. One place where you can choose something a bit trendier is in the pulls. Replacing those at a later date is an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself project.

Choose Natural Tones for Counters

When choosing new counters, go with a material that is sturdy, such as Carrara marble or quartz. Stick with colors in natural tones, such as white, stone or tan, and avoid vivid colors that get dated and need to be replaced or covered. Granite is a popular choice for homes right now, but keep in mind that it requires more upkeep and care than quartz or marble.

Add an Island

Kitchen islands never go out of style. Whether you want additional seating or use the surface for a cooktop, an island works well in any decent-sized kitchen. If your square footage is small, then you might want to invest in a rollaway island that you can use when needed for extra prep space or seating and store when not in use.

An island can also give you an opportunity to add some fun or a pop of color without painting all your cabinets in a trendy shade. For example, paint your island in a deep blue to give your kitchen a modern look while leaving the rest of the cabinets white.

Remodel a Kitchen for Lasting Style

For a kitchen that stays trendy year after year, think about its function more than current styles. Looks can change, but an open-concept kitchen or a layout that allows you to cook in a triangle will always be desirable.


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