How to Put a Drill Bit in Even If You’re A Complete Newbie

Have you ever had to use a drilling machine? Do you know how to put a drill bit in it? If you don’t know and have never tried doing, this article is for you. Long gone are the days when drilling machines were just a rare machine used only by electricians, plumbers, construction workers and other related professionals.


Now, with the growth in technology and the easy and cheap availability of the drilling machine, more and more people are buying their own drilling machines for private use. I believe the majority of us own a drilling machine and have used it at least once in their life to fix or repair something.

And now that more and more people are beginning to use their own drilling machines for their household necessities, there are a few things that you should know before you can fully utilize your machine.

What You’ll Need To Follow 

A Drill Bit

When it comes to your drilling machine, the most important part is the actual drilling bit. It is this drilling bit that penetrates the surface of the wood or concrete when you drill.

A drill bit is a cutting tool with a circular cross section that is used to make cylindrical holes on the surface. The drill provides the torque and the axial force required to create the holes in the surface you are trying to penetrate.

Drill bits come in varying sizes and can have various applications depending on the size. The drill bits also vary in their geometry, making each kind of drill bit more suitable for a job than the others. So, it is important to select your drill bit depending on the function and the size of the hole you require.

Most drill bits have a diameter to length ratio of 1:1 to 1:10. Drill bits with higher ratios are possible, but the higher ratio increases the technical difficulty of producing good quality holes.

Drill bits are made using different kinds of metals depending on the required applications. It is important to hold the drill at a constant angle to prevent the drill bit from breaking during drilling.

Drilling Machine

It goes without saying, in order to put a drill bit inside, you also need a drilling machine. The drilling machines are a great tool when it comes to home improvement while working with wood or just for drilling holes for screws and fixtures.

They often come handy while hanging a photo frame or a painting on a wall, and the whole task becomes a tad bit easier if you have a drill machine at home.

How To Remove An Already Existing Drill Bit?

Due to the fact that you need a specific kind of drill for varied applications as per the material you are drilling onto, the size of the hole required and other factors, you must know how to change your drill bit to meet various needs.

Further, the drill bits also get damaged due to wear and tear forcing you to change the damaged drill bit with a newer one.

The Damaged Drill Bit With A Newer One

So that, before you learn how to put a drill bit in, it is important to know how to remove the drill bit that is already present in the drilling machine.

To remove the drill bit, turn the hood of the drilling machine in a counter-clockwise direction. This will loosen the drill bit which is already in place. It can be then removed easily by hand.

How To Put A Drill Bit In Your Drill in 4 Simple Steps

Now that you know what a drill bit really is and how it works, it is time to learn to put a new drill bit in your driller. Changing the drill bit in your drill is a very easy task that can be done without any help or prior experience.

Tutorial 1

Find The Best Drill For Your Purpose

Find the drilling bit that suits your needs. The size of the hole you wish to make is dependent on the size of the drill bit that you are going to use. The geometry of the drill bit also plays a deciding factor.

Determine The Position Of The Hood Driller

Check whether the hood of the driller is in the closed or open position. You need to open the hood of your driller to install your new drill bit. In the closed position, you can see 3 teeth like structure extending to the center of the drill. These teeth are what hold the drill bits in their position.

Open The Hood Of The Drill, If It Is Closed

To open the hood of the drill, turn the hood in the counter-clockwise direction until the 3 teeth are no longer visible.

Insert The Drill Bit

Now that the hood is open, you can insert the drill bit you want into the hood and turn the hood in the clockwise direction to tighten it. Make sure that you tighten the hood of the drill properly so that the drill bit does not come out while you are working.

Check the tutorial here:

Tutorial 2

Another way to change your drill bit is with the help of the drill itself.

Reverse the driller spin

To do this, you just have to switch the spinning of the driller in reverse. This can be done by pushing the switch above the trigger to the left.

Push The Foward/Reserve Button To The Left (via wonkeedonkeetools.co.uk)

Check if it is in reverse position

One easy way to remember the orientation is with the help of the phase “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. When the switch is in the right position, the drill will spin forward and can be used for tightening screws and drilling holes whereas, in the left direction, the drill bit spins in reverse and can be used for loosening screws.

Loosen the drill bit

Once your drill is in the reverse orientation, hold on to the chuck with your hands and activate the drill to loosen the drill bit and remove it.

Tighten the new drill bit

Similarly, to tighten the drill bit, place the drill bit in the chuck in its intended position and with the switch in the right position, tighten the bit by activating the drill. Tightening your drill this way may be hard at times, especially if you are new to drills but can be easily perfected with patience and experience.

Check the tutorial here:

Over to You

Drilling machines are becoming more and more common in the households of even common people. The development of the compact and portable drills has made home improvement and small renovation works easier and faster for ordinary people.

It has helped people become self-sufficient and capable of taking care of small scale repairs and maintenance. And as the job changes, the requirements also change. This is why it is important to know how to change your drill bit. 

You should also know how to take care of your drilling machine and your drill bits. But working with a drill can also be dangerous if you are not careful. Proper care should be taken while working with your drill for your safety as well as the safety of others around you.

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