How to Purge Your Home of Toxins

A lot of homeowners don’t really realize how toxic their property is. If you don’t put effort into deciding what products and services you use, you might end up with a home filled with toxic and dangerous substances.

Try to evaluate the products you have at home and to discard those that might cause damage to your health or to the environment. This doesn’t have to mean that you need to fundamentally change your life in any significant way, but it does mean that you need to pay more attention to what you buy and where.


Pesticides are the most common toxin you’ll find in any household because it’s used on almost all food and produce you buy. Being careful about selecting these is the only way to shield yourself from pesticides.


Make sure to buy all of your produce locally so you know exactly where it came from and to prevent causing additional damage to the environment with transport. It’s also a good idea to talk to the local farmers about the way they grow their crops. Try to grow your own vegetables if you have the option and use only organic fertilizer in your garden.


Cans are probably a part of every household and they are made out of substances that shouldn’t be anywhere near your kids. However, it is a convenient way to store food, so try to limit their use to only the most necessary situations (such as shelters, and other emergencies).


The chemical used to make cans is called Bisphenol-A (BPA) and it’s linked to a variety of illnesses, including cancer. You shouldn’t feed your kids canned goods at all and the rest of the family should abstain as much as possible too.


Not all forms of plastic are dangerous and you most definitely can’t avoid all of them if you want to have a modern household. The plastic containing PVC is the most harmful and it could even cause cancer after long exposure.


This type of plastic is marked with a number 3 inside an arrow on the bottom of the package and it’s easily noticeable due to its strong smell, like that of a new car or a new shower curtain. Avoid these altogether and try to minimize the rest.

The Home Itself

A lot of the time, older homes themselves are toxic. This is because of materials used for their construction. Asbestos was used as a construction material all the way to the ‘70s and it was one of the most toxic materials out there, causing lung cancer and other respiratory problems. The asbestos was mostly used because it helps with insulation.

In order to deal with this, you need to get professional help, since removing asbestos on your own could damage your health. Professional asbestos removal from Brisbane could complete the task in a matter of days depending on the size of your home.

Mold And Fungal Toxins

Mold and fungi can cause a variety of different reactions depending on who’s experiencing them and how long they were exposed to the toxins. For most people, there’s going to be slight irritation and coughing which is the first sign of trouble. After a while, the symptoms get worse and start to cause real pain and discomfort.


Mold is usually found in warm and damp places, like basements and attics. You need to check these places out and react as soon as you see that mold has appeared. Short-term solutions are about removing it, but you need to do more and try to have enough light in the entire house in order to put a stop to it.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are very dangerous toxins and they aren’t found in modern homes that often. However, when you have problems with them, you might need to make serious changes in your household and contact a doctor about the symptoms you’re having.

heavy metals

These metals are usually found in drinking water when your water supplier doesn’t provide additional protection. After you notice the problems with your water, you’re going to have to install your own filters and get off the grid as much as you can. These filters are easy to install and to find and they clean the water much more efficiently than public ones.


This may seem like obvious advice, but it’s something that you need to be reminded of whenever you can. It’s imperative that you clean your home on a regular basis and to use natural cleaning supplies when doing so.


It should be done at least once a week, depending on how big your home is, and you need to do a particularly thorough clean up once a month as well. That will keep your home clean and give you plenty of time to notice anything out of the ordinary. Try to use cleaning supplies that don’t have toxins in them or make your own if there’s no other way.


Ordinary household items are often filled with dangerous toxins and you need to change your habits in order to eliminate them. Be thorough in this regard and stick to the changes you’ve made.

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