How to Paint Behind a Toilet without Touching the Plumbing

The back of a toilet is a no-go region. No one wants to reach there as it considered to be the grimiest place in a bathroom. But it shouldn’t be so. You can use the space to place some bathroom supplies and an available plunger. Your act towards painting can make it approachable and appealing to the eye.


Nobody said that painting behind a toilet is going to be an easy task. There will be distractions and layovers in place to stop you from painting. An Encino plumber will be your only hope if you accidentally end up damaging a pipe that could cause potential leakage.

But to make sure that you don’t get stuck in an endless loop of problems such as this, please take the following precautions:

Make Use of a Trash Bag

It goes without saying that your toilet could get splashes of paint from the painting venture if not covered adequately. Therefore, wrap the toilet with a safety bag (trash bag) to keep it safe from unruly paint marks that aren’t easy to take off.

Buy a durable bag for this purpose to get the job done correctly. As an added precaution, you can remove the tank of the toilet and then place the plastic bag over the remaining body of the toilet.

Take Care of Ventilation

Paint emits intense petroleum smells that can make you suffocate if there is improper ventilation. This could be worse for people who have allergies to certain chemicals. Bathrooms are typically tiny spaces that don’t have adequate aeration.

If your bathroom doesn’t include windows, you can make the room airy by leaving the bathroom door open. You can also please a fan in the bathroom to allow the volatile chemicals in the paint to travel outside.

Remove Debris to Achieve a Finer Finish

The paint job you perform at the back of the toilet lasts a good eight years or so. This means that you won’t need to paint the lavatory annually, thereby saving you time. In order to achieve an excellent finish, you should first scrub the area clean and ensure that there is no debris present.

If the area behind the toilet is not spic-and-spam, you can be sure that the paint will come off sooner than later. You could also paint the pluming lines behind to contrast them with the behind wall.

Reach Narrow Spaces with a Special Tool

The space behind the toilet seat is the most difficult for a Paint Roller to reach. Fortunately, there are tools in the market that can help you reach narrow openings such as a tiny roller that is a 3/8 inch roller nap or a Jimmy Sponge Stix.

This is a tool that consists of a stick and a sponge. The sponge can reach the hidden wall and paint it properly. However, if a wall is too close to the toilet to be painted, then you’d have no choice but getting the toilet removed or have a professional handle the task.

Miscellaneous Precautions

It isn’t a bad thing to be extra careful. Getting paint on your flooring means more work for you, so why not protect yourself from being this onus task? You can protect your flooring by laying plastic bags on the ground.

However, be careful when walking on these bags, as you can slip or tangle your feet in them. Furthermore, wear old clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. Be sure to wear gloves and old shoes too.

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