How to Match Paint on a Wall: All You Need To Know

Once you've decided to sell your home, the work begins. Every home will have its to-do list before it is ready to fetch peak market value. While some will need significant renovations, others will only need minor cosmetic changes. One of the easiest fixes for any home is inexpensive and quick: a fresh coat of paint. The right colour of paint will freshen up your space and allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.


When you are ready to put your house on the market, you want to do everything you can to improve your chances of finding a buyer as quickly as possible. Choosing house colours that sell is an important first step in getting to your final deal. Your ultimate goal is to help potential buyers be able to imagine themselves in your space.

Consider hiring professional painters to help you tackle this to-do item quickly. While they cover furniture and prepare walls for painting, you can move on, allowing your home to get onto the market as soon as possible.

Follow this tutorial on how you can match paint on your home's walls:

Identify Rooms That Need Repainting

Whether you painted the basement in that bright orange, or the crime was committed by a previous owner, the damage needs to be undone. Part of prepping your home for sale means getting rid of bold, bright paint colours. While a yellow wall or red room might have been cheerful or happy to you, they could easily turn off potential buyers.

Create a Clean Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, you want buyers to notice the counter space, appliances and storage, not necessarily the colour of the walls. A warm, neutral tone can complement your countertops, while fading into the background. Consider a muted grey or blue-grey tone if you prefer a splash of colour to offset your counters and cabinets.

Make your Living Space Inviting

If you have a living room or family room to stage, be sure to choose neutral, inviting paint colours. Don't worry about matching your furniture or carpeting; a paint re-do for a living room should be neutral but warm. Off-white, beige and taupe shades, for example, will look fresh and provide both a sense of space and comfort.

Create Light in the Bedrooms

While it may be tempting to have some fun with colour when painting bedroom walls, it is important to keep your buyer in mind. Warm, inviting colours do well, creating a greater sense of space and allowing others to see themselves in these rooms easily. Think warm taupe colours, beiges and off-whites.

Make a Statement With Your Dining Space

If you have a formal dining space in your home, consider using a statement colour over a small space. A sophisticated slate blue or a muted grey, for example, can give this space a sense of character without overwhelming the room.

Open Up Your Bathrooms

Between the shower, sink and toilet in your bathrooms, you may not have a tremendous amount of wall space. When selling your home, it is important to make your bathrooms feel as clean a spacious as possible. Use light, neutral colours in these limited spaces, including off-whites, light blues or pale greens.

Keep Their Eyes Moving

When it comes to transition spaces in your home, including front halls, staircases and hallways, it is important to use colours that keep your buyers' eyes moving. Ideally, you want these spaces to create an inviting, spacious backdrop to the showpieces of your home. Consider off-white colours, which help your eye transition from one space to another.

Remember Functional Rooms

When you think about painting your home for the purpose of selling, it might be easy to overlook high-traffic, functional spaces such as your laundry room or a mudroom. These areas can do with splash of colour. Consider a muted green, grey or blue, but be sure to keep a neutral tone in order not to overwhelm.

Don't Forget the Trim

If you plan to paint your own home before selling it, you may underestimate the time and effort required to freshen up baseboards and crown moulding. Trim paint can quickly look dirty next to freshly painted walls. Be sure to use neutral colours and include trim on your list of surfaces to be painted.

Let Your Exterior Make a Statement

Curb appeal is critical to the sale of your home. The colour you choose for your home's exterior may also significantly impact the value of your final deal. Your choices will be limited by the colour of your brick, exterior stone and siding, but where you can, choose a neutral colour that blends into your neighbourhood. Grey, blue and greige are classic colours that go with almost any brick or stonework.

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