How to Make Your Dining Room Cozy

Does your dining room feel a little cold to you? Even with the heating up full blast you feel a little down in these colder months? If so, maybe it’s time to inject some coziness into your dining room. Take a look at our ideas for making your dining room cozier.


Think About What Furniture You Want

There’s really no wrong answer here, however. It can be grand cozy and intimate cosy. Grand cozy is grandma and all the family around the dinner table that runs the length of the room and lots of mismatching chairs because you need to bring them in from the shed because there are so many people. Intimate cozy is you and your date, some candles, and some good food. You can make either option cozy if you dress it up right.

Think About Your Color Palette

There is a lot of experimenting you can do with color palettes, especially today when color blocking is in fashion, but one rule will always be true: warm tones are cozy. It’s why there is a coming trend of sunset tones, like the peaches, yellows, and pinks you imagine seeing while sitting on the coast. All of these colors envelope you, so are big hitters in cozy rooms.

But even a cool-toned room can be warmed up with the right warm accents. If you paint your room in neutrals, for example, you can warm it up with warm-toned furniture. Take a look at Price Busters dining room sets for some warm wooden furniture that can turn the temperature up in your winter dining room.

Think About Your Lighting

No matter what other lighting choices you go with, you’re going to want to let in as much natural lighting as possible. There’s nothing like eating breakfast with the sunrise. It will instantly elevate all the colors in the room and make everything feel warmer.

But for those late winter nights when eating at 4 pm still means sitting in the dark, you’re going to need some electricity. There are two ways you can go here: layering light with lamps or one overhead light. In any other room of the house, the overhead light is outlawed. You do still need it, but you better have a good, practical reason for daring to switch it on. But in the dining room, it’s a spectacle, a focal point, and great aid in actually seeing what you’re eating.

And never forget the mood that a few well-placed candles can set. You can still have your overhead light with a couple of statement candles doing the heavy work. There is also a great case to be made for floor lighting and more subtle motion-activated lighting in the dining room.

Think About What Style You Want

If you need some aid in coming up with a color palette, you can take a look at a few interior design styles and see what feels cozy to you. They can then give you a blueprint for how you want to proceed with your dining room. For instance, the Japandi, and the styles that make them up, Japanese and Scandinavian, are very cozy but deal with two different approaches to color.

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