How to Make an Apartment Look Cozy

When you move into a new apartment, you want to make it your own and reflect your style. Decorating can be lots of fun, but it's frustrating if you have a limited budget. You may not be able to buy all the furnishings and decor you've dreamed of. However, your apartment can still look amazing with some touches of creativity.


Whether you own an apartment or live in rentals, there are ways to turn your unit into a fabulous flat without breaking the bank. When you get into the mindset of creative spending, you will come up with many other ways to make your apartment look fantastic regardless of your finances. Take the time to work through these designer tips and transform your apartment starting today. 

When funds are low, you need to be creative to decorate your apartment. With some ingenuity, you can be proud that you did it inexpensively without looking cheap. Let's go over a few trendy designer tips to make your apartment feel cozy.

Hit the Thrift Stores

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because someone else grew tired of a piece of furniture, that doesn't mean it can't work for you. Go on a thrifty shopping spree at those used stores and find stuff to get you started. New doesn't necessarily mean better, and some older items have been built sturdy enough to last a lifetime. 

Look for things you need in your apartment and be picky about them. Just because you are buying on the cheap doesn't mean you buy the first thing you see. These stores get new items all the time, so make the rounds and go back again in a week or so.

Put Up your Own Artwork

Bare walls are boring in any apartment unit. If you can't afford to buy a known artist, then pick up a paintbrush and make your own Picasso. Play to your strengths. If you can draw or paint, buy some cheap supplies and get going. If you can sculpt, do that.

Or if you were in the band in school and still have your trumpet kicking around, use that as an art exhibit in the corner or mount it on the wall. Having your talents displayed will get people talking because you decorated your place with the ultimate personal touch.

Make Small, Striking Changes

There are several ways to upscale your apartment unit by changing out little details that matter. Instead of buying a new lamp, buy a new, colourful shade to make it pop. Switch out the handles on the kitchen cabinets for a new look and feel. 

Even your dresser and side tables can become trendy with the right pulls. This is an inexpensive way of modernizing your old stuff fast. If you want to upgrade your ceiling lighting, just change out the fixtures. It will cast light in new directions and make your place look grand.

Add Pillows and Rugs

Another great idea to bring in colour and texture is to add some pillows for the couch. You can even get a few oversized ones for the floor. Make sure they add contrast, so people notice them. 

An affordable rug in the living room makes your apartment more upscale without the upscale price tag. Add a smaller rug in your room as well. Rugs are warm and inviting, and pillows make everything cozier.

Get out the Paint

A new coat of paint can transform your place on a budget. Pick colours that match your theme but don't be afraid to go bold. You can bring new life to old furniture with a fresh coat of paint. For the walls, check your rental agreement to make sure you can paint and if so, go crazy.

Look into Fabrics

If you have an old couch that you love, don't get a new one because it looks worn out. Recover the seat with discount fabric. You can bring life to kitchen chairs by reupholstering them too. Make your blankets and cover over drab throw pillows. This is a labour of love and gets your DIY juices flowing.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Nothing livens up a place like things that grow. Plants are beautiful and abundant, so go on a mini spending spree at the local gardening stores. They usually have a discount area with plants that need some TLC. If you have a green thumb, you can restore them to their natural beauty.

Fresh flowers are also fantastic. You don't have to opt for the expensive florist bouquets though. Go on a flower hunt. Pick a variety of colourful flowers that grow along the road in the fields around your place. You can quickly put together a beautiful display to serve as a centrepiece at your table.

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