How To Maintain An Indoor Water Feature: All You Need To Know

Having a fountain or water wall in the house is something that just about any home can have. The benefit is that running water adds a lot of atmosphere and a serene setting in any home.


How To Maintain An Indoor Water Feature: All You Need To Know

The beauty of it is certainly a factor, but the sound of running water puts people in a meditative state.

If you want to have a water feature, then there are many to choose from. Whichever version you go with, whether you’re thinking water walls for the home or tabletop fountains, you have to make sure you are maintaining them.

In this article, I will go over some of the ways to take care of your water feature so it can continue to bring you peace and serenity for years to come.

Common Problems

Though you may not deal with any of these common problems with water features, it is something you may encounter. Especially if you have hard water.

If you are often having to deal with your pipes from hard water then you will likely see some calcium deposits on your fountain. Depending on how hard your water is, meaning how much of a concentration of minerals you have, then you may see some white streaks on your fixture.

Algae growth is also very common and can spoil the look you are going for if you do find it growing on your fountain. You can get an algaecide like the kind used in outdoor ponds and aquariums to kill the growth.

There is also an issue of oxidation which can occur. This is when the hardware of the fixture starts to rust or if there is copper, turns to green. This looks bad for your water so you’ll need to make sure your hardware is taken care of.

Maintain The Pump

If you don’t take care of the pump, you won’t have your fountain for long.

Make sure to never let the pump run dry or it will burn out. Water is going to evaporate so you need to routinely check the water levels and top it up if it looks low. Fail to do this and you’ll be shopping for a new pump very soon.

To extend the life of your pump and to not have high electricity bills, shut off the fountain when nobody is home. You might be tempted to let it run at night for the soothing sound of the running water. Put it on a timer if you want to fall asleep with it on but not let it run all night.

Keep the filter free of any debris. This is not usually as big a problem with an indoor water feature as outside, but it is worth checking on occasion to make sure your pump doesn’t strain to work.


It may seem like it is a lot of work to maintain, but it really isn’t. Just make sure you set aside some time for routine maintenance before things become a problem and you’ll be able to enjoy your fountain without it becoming a chore.

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