How to Live with an Ongoing Remodeling Project

When it comes to the issue of remodeling your home, the majority of people immediately focus on the issue of how expensive this can be. In fact, they focus on the cost of the remodeling project so much that they completely overlook all the other ways in which this can inconvenience them.

One of the most prominent ways, as well as the first thing that anyone with previous remodeling project experience will think of, is the issue of living with the ongoing works. Here are several tips for you to consider.


Consider Leaving The Home

The most important question that you have to answer, even before the project actually starts, is the one of whether you should leave your home or not. If sectioning off livable areas is an option, this is definitely a cheaper solution to your problem. However, this might not always be the case. If your entire home is undergoing a remodel, it might be much more efficient to find a temporary lodging elsewhere.

How to Live with an Ongoing Remodeling Project

Staying at friends and relatives is an option, yet, you should be careful not to overstay your welcome. The biggest problem with this lies in the fact that, due to potential delays, you can’t be 100 percent sure when you’ll be able to return home.

Sure, you can put it in a contract with the company that’s doing the works, nonetheless, they might just not be able to finish in time. Moreover, a good friend or a close relative might feel reluctant to show any signs of remorse for letting you stay. This doesn’t mean that they won’t feel them. For this reason alone, the majority of people decide to stay at a hotel.

Protect Your Possessions

Damaging your furniture, assets, and possessions in any way possible is something that causes both material and emotional damage. No, we’re not being too sentimental, it can be quite hard to find the same coffee table as before if the first one was damaged too hard.

Therefore, in order to avoid this distress altogether, you should probably find a way to protect your possessions. Sometimes, this entails covering your furniture with protective cloth (to protect it from dripping paint). At other times, you might have to move your furniture a bit or even deposit it in a temporary storage facility.

How to Live with an Ongoing Remodeling Project

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that this will either require you to invest more money (storage) or more work (covering and moving). Either way, you need to compare the cost of this investment with the potential cost/value loss, caused by the damage on your furniture. In case of a precious family heirloom, the damage might be an emotional one, as well.

Specialists Save Time

During the construction process, your home will undergo a certain downtime, nonetheless, the length of this downtime will depend on two things: the scale of the project and the competence of the team. This is why, unless you’re hiring a single contractor that’s supposed to remodel your entire home you should focus on smaller projects and hire specialists.

How to Live with an Ongoing Remodeling Project

For instance, imagine a scenario where you’re remodeling your family home situated somewhere in NSW and the next item on the list is fixing your roof. In this case, you should probably look for agencies specializing in roof repairs in Sydney. In this way, you’ll be able to return to your daily routine a lot sooner, due to the fact that the project will end a lot sooner.

A Change For An Entire Family

If you are living on your own, making a decision on what to do is a fairly simple matter. However, if a part of your property looks like a construction site and you have small children on premises, this might not be the safest of environments and it’s definitely something worth further consideration.

Sure, the remodeling team should pick up their gear and clean all the debris before they leave for the day, yet, there are some hazards that will be present until the completion of the project. Whether this sanctions your temporary relocation or forces you to introduce some new safety measures, one thing is clear – you have to do something to protect your family.

How to Live with an Ongoing Remodeling Project

Specific Circumstances

The next issue you should consider is one of the specific circumstances. For instance, work on your kitchen may force you to eat outside, which may also add to the cost of the remodeling. Eating at restaurants can be quite expensive, especially when done frequently. Bathroom remodeling may introduce an even greater change.

For people with multiple bathrooms this may be a manageable situation, yet, for those with only one, the crisis management scenario may be quite hard to pull off. This could entail taking more showers at the gym, which is not something that a lot of people are comfortable with. Either way, these are just some of the things worth taking into consideration ahead of time.

In Conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is that different people and different projects often find different solutions to the same problem. This means that there’s no such thing as – the optimal course of action. Regardless of the project, dust and noise are the most common side-effects and it’s fairly subjective how some people will tolerate these nuisances.

In other words, the term livable conditions has a different meaning depending on the person in question. Either way, living comfortably, without interference is out of the question, so it all comes down to what and how much you can take.

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