How to Lay Paving of Your House Yourself: All You Need To Know

We are so busy in our jobs and that we barely give time to our family, house, or ourselves. Today we hire a professional even for the smallest of chores. There was a time when men would do all kinds of work themselves. You can either be a guy who calls a guy for everything, or you can be the guy.

Paving is one of the best things you can do to make your house more attractive. You don’t need to have the experience to do any of such tasks. Of course, it will take you longer to complete, but you can do just as good job asa professional.

Whether it’s a patio, garden, or parking; here’s how you can lay paving yourself.


Create a Plan

Planning is the most important part for you to get started. As it’s probably your first time, you need to plan everything prior hand to ensure you don’t make any mistake. Your plan should include the area, design and below mentioned steps. You can use a graph paper to create patterns and unusual shapes of the paving.

Get Necessary Equipment

There are several types ofhardware and other equipment you will need to successfully carry out the paving work. You can do them without using any such tools, but it will take a lot of time and work won’t be clean.

You can follow the link to find yourself a brick saw for sale otherwise the cutting won’t be clean, and each tile would take 15 to 30 minutes. Other tools you will need are:

  • Spades, Shovels and Rakes
  • Pruning Shears
  • Tape Measures
  • Shears, Saws &Pliers
  • Municipal Equipment

Outline the Area

Create lines around the area of paving. It’ll help you understand where to begin and which pattern to follow. AIt also makes digging more efficient and precise. Without the outline you may not get the right calculations.

Excavate the Area

Get the accuratesize of the tiles and excavate the area to that depth. You also have to consider the margin of base material you will put under the tiles.

Don’t Forget the Slope

Unless you want a water pool on your paving, don’t forget to take the slope into consideration. One side of the paving should be higher than the other. You can also make an underground pavement to ensure water goes directly to the sewerage.

Edge Restraints

Edge restraints used for paving are usually made of aluminum, steel, or plastic. They help hold the paving in the same shape for many years. Installing these restraints before starting the work will help keep the base materials and line in the form.

Lay the Base

After carefully calculatedexcavation, you have to first lay a base of tough materials like crushed stone or coarse. You can increase or decrease their quantity to get the exact depth you need to put sand and tiles. After this base, you also have to add a layer of sand to hold the pavers in place. You have to screed it smooth while keeping the depth and slope in mind.

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