How To Know That You Have Found The Right House

Buying a new home is a serious task, and something that cannot be rushed at all. You’ve probably seen dozens of them and are still wondering - have you already found the right one, but neglected it because you didn’t sleep on it?

First of all, whoever told you that you have to sleep on it in order to know whether the house is right or not, is a big fat liar. Your instincts should never be second guessed. So, how to know that you have found the right house?


You Want To Go Inside

One of the most exciting parts about searching for your new dream home is that moment when you pull up to the curb and not know whether it will or won’t be the place you want to live in. Which will it be? The yellow one on the left or that red one on the right?

how to know that you have found the right house

If you like one better than the other, that can be the sign, because that means there is something about that place that you find appealing. Curb appeal 101 right there.

It Embraces You As Soon As You Enter

Just like with people, those first 3 seconds of entering the house will determine how you feel about it in general. Does this home somehow speak to you? Does it invite you in to explore it further? Does it feel… like home? If it does, it probably is.

The Bathroom Doesn’t Feel Funny

Believe it or not, many buyers can feel so much discomfort in a bathroom that they don’t even want to walk in it. It is like they are scared to touch that floor with their feet. They simply stand at the door frame and do nothing. If you can walk into that house’s bathroom and feel compelled to stroke the vanity marble or even open the shower door, that is definitely your house.

Get Possessive

Your agent will probably say things like: “Yeah, it is a nice place, but, you know, there is a stain in the sink and the pipes seem a little old”. If you suddenly get the wild urge to slap his face like he is talking about your loved one and not just some building you may or may not buy, you are definitely falling in love with that place.

Probably Stop Looking At Other Homes

It is funny, but the most common thought that will go through your mind will be: “Those previous owners sure splurged on some high-quality project home builders – I mean, just look at this place.” And wherever you go next just won’t be as good as that house. So what is the next step? You simply stop looking.

Easily Envision The Possible Future Arrangement

how to know that you have found the right house

When you walk into that master bedroom, you will immediately begin to imagine how great your bed is going to look against that north wall, and how that living room window just begs for your big Christmas tree. It will just feel so natural to you.

See Yourself Painting That Ugly Wall

Nothing is perfect, and neither is your new dream home. And yes, maybe that emerald green is not your favorite color – maybe it is chocolate brown. Maybe you are thinking that a blue wall in the kids’ bedroom instead of a yellow one would go better with your son’s eyes.

Furthermore, you might even know the exact name of the paint color you would use because you were thumbing through color catalogs and this space just looks perfect for it.

It Fits Your Basic Needs

The overall dynamics may or may not hit every single bullet point from your list, but they sure meet the most important basic requirements.

how to know that you have found the right house

For example, it has the space and number of rooms you need, but it doesn’t have a garage. However, you will somehow realize that, if you really think about it, who cares about a garage? It is not like you couldn’t build it yourself with a couple of friends and a few beers. Remember that being flexible about deal-killer issues is a good quality to have.

Brag About It To Your Friends

It isn’t unusual for you to snap a couple of photos and forward them to your besties before you have finished touring. However, with this particular house, you will feel excited. And that excitement is going to manifest itself. In other words, you will sooner or later realize that you probably have like a hundred photos of that house in your phone.

Every Thought Keeps Telling You That This Is The House For You

Except for that down-to-earth thought that keeps telling you that you should sleep on it, every other thought keeps saying that this house is perfect. You might say you are getting consumed by it, and that you cannot think about anything else apart from owning it.

how to know that you have found the right house

Lunch? Who needs food? What you do need is this house. And if any of these signs instantly made you think of one particular house – why are you still here instead of signing papers with your agent? Life isn’t going to wait for you, and neither will the real estate market.

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