How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean Throughout the Year?

Florida has a subtropical climate due to which you can use your swimming pool year-round. Even in the winter, a heated pool is enough in Windermere, FL, to enjoy swimming.


Since winterization isn't essential in the Sunshine state, you need year-round pool maintenance to upkeep the health of your swimming pool in all seasons.

When it comes to pool cleaning in Windermere, FL has professional maintenance contractors who use the following steps to protect your valuable backyard oasis:

Cleaning the Edges

Pool edges need more time and effort for thorough cleaning. Often, this chore gets neglected in your pool cleaning regime. However, with regular cleaning of the pool border, you can avoid the build-up of limescale on the waterline.

With proper care, you can maintain a perfect waterline without any scaling on the pool walls or surface.

Swimming the Pool

Since Florida is a hurricane-prone state, heavy winds and tropical storms are frequent in this region. It is necessary to protect your pool from the debris and other damages caused by intense winds and hurricanes.

With timely swimming, you can keep your pool water clean daily. You can collect the debris from the water surface in a swimmer net to prevent it from sinking to the pool floor.

Regular Vacuuming

Despite your best efforts, debris and dirt particles get settled at the bottom of your pool. To remove them, you need professional vacuuming of your pool at regular intervals. Automatic pool cleaners are ideal for vacuuming, but they are a costly investment when compared to manual vacuum.

You can either invest in this equipment or sign up for weekly pool cleaning. With regard to pool cleaning, Windermere, FL, has many professional pool maintenance contractors. They will not only clean the pool water but also maintain your expensive pool equipment in the best shape.

Cleaning and Backwashing the Filters

Without timely cleanup and backwash, your pool filter can get clogged. Due to the windy climate of Florida, it is essential to remove debris and dirt from the filter to keep it running. Larger particles of sand, gravel, or leaves can clog the filter in any season.

Weekly backwashing not only helps to remove these particles but also maintains steady pressure inside the filter.

Cleaning the Pool Walls

Every week, clean the pool walls to eliminate algae build-up and calcium scaling can become major pool maintenance issues over time. If you have a concrete pool, use a stiff brush, but in a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool, a soft brush is required for cleaning without damage.

Never use abrasive or rigid cleaning equipment for the tiles. It can destroy the grout or cause scratches on the tiles.

For scum on the waterline tile, prefer non-abrasive tile brush and chlorine-based cleaning liquid. However, there are some tough spots and areas where you need expert cleaning by the professionals, especially if you have a major algae build-up in your pool.


Since pool cleaning is a time-consuming task, it may be hard for you to manage the same despite a busy schedule. But, working with professional pool cleaning experts can resolve your worries and keep your pool healthy throughout the year.

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