How to Keep Your Gutters from Freezing in the Winter

Winter wonderlands may be pretty, but ice and snow can cause serious damage to your gutters. As we all know, water expands when it freezes, so if your rain gutters freeze during winter, they will be more prone to warping or cracking. 


As such, it’s important to do everything in your power to prevent your rain gutters from freezing this winter. Below are a few tips on how to keep your gutters from freezing in the winter.

Clean Your Gutters

The first step in preventing your gutters from freezing during the winter is to clean them. If you have trees anywhere near your roof, then chances are your rain gutters have leaves, branches, and other debris in them. As the cold weather sets in, give your gutters one final clean (to keep yourself safe, we recommend hiring a professional). 

The reason why cleaning your gutters is so important is because if leaves and debris are left in them, they can block water, forcing it to pool. Any pools of water left in your rain gutters over winter will likely freeze and form ice, resulting in major problems in the long term.

Salt Your Gutters

As you’re giving your gutters one final clean in the fall, you may want to consider sprinkling a little sodium chloride (salt) on them. Just as rock salt is known for melting ice on sidewalks and roads, sodium chloride will melt the ice in your gutters. 

So if you want to avoid icicles dripping down the side of your gutters this year, pick up some sodium chloride. (Note: never salt your rain gutters with the rock salt used on walkways as it can damage them.)

Remove Snow From Your Roof

One final way of keeping your rain gutters from freezing this winter is to regularly shovel the snow on your roof. Roof rakes work wonders when it comes to clearing your roof of snow. 

Ideally, you’ll want to remove snow from your roof soon after a snowstorm so it doesn’t have a chance to melt and flow into your gutters. This is especially important after a major storm or blizzard when a large amount of snow can easily overwhelm your gutters, causing irreversible damage.


Not sure where to begin? Consider hiring a professional to take care of your rain gutters for you. Many contractors are experts in roof maintenance and will be able to ensure your roof remains in good shape through the winter.

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