Keeping Bugs at Bay: How to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

There are some bugs -- like our friendly neighborhood honeybee -- that are good for the environment and good to have around the home. Wasps, roaches, and mosquitoes aren't as welcome.


There is all manner of creepy-crawlies that can cause health problems and destroy your home. Fleas, ants, termites, and more carry disease and can eat away the walls and foundation of your house.

Think you've got an insect infestation? Don't bug out -- our guide on how to keep bugs out of your house will help you take care of these pests!

Use Essential Oils

There are some essential oils that are great for keeping bugs out of your house. They can be a great solution for those who want to avoid harmful chemicals.

For example, peppermint oil is great for keeping away spiders and roaches. Use eucalyptus oil to get rid of any flies buzzing around your home.

Keep Food Sealed

Roaches and other pests love a midnight snack just like you do. Don't tempt their tastebuds by leaving open containers of food around.

Clean up after cooking and put leftovers in the fridge right away. Seal up all of your snacks if they can't be refrigerated.

Do a Deep Clean

Keeping things clean is another way to discourage pests from inviting themselves over. Doing a deep clean not only makes your space look great but it makes your home less appealing to insects.

Don't forget to take out the trash on a regular basis, too. A same-day rubbish removal company can help get rid of any garbage you want to go right away.

Seal up Any Entrance

Bugs belong outside. Keep them out by making sure to seal up any crack or crevice where they can sneak in.

Check your shingles, weather stripping, pipes, and more for any entrances. A small bit of repair goes a long way towards keeping your home bug-free.

Try Vinegar Solutions

Vinegar is magic in a bottle. It keeps your house sparkling clean and also gets rid of fleas, ants, and more.

Mites, sand fleas, flies, and other biting insects hate vinegar. Spritz a little around the home to discourage them from visiting.

Spiders: Friend or Foe?

You want to get rid of all pests, including spiders. They might actually be the one bug you want to have hanging around.

Spiders are mostly harmless and eat bugs that you don't want around, like flies and mosquitoes. We understand that some are poisonous, their cobwebs catch dust, and they can be scary.

If you want to keep spiders away, aim a fan in the area you want to keep spider-free. They might end up being a great house guest, though.


Flies, roaches, and fleas will no longer see a welcome mat when they come to your door. These tips and tricks on how to keep bugs out of your house will help your home stay insect-free.

Want to learn more ways to make sure your home is beautiful, safe, and clean for you and your family? Check out our how-to center for more info!

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