How to Join Quilt Binding-Easy Tricks: All You Need To Know

Sewing on the binding is the tricky part of any project. If you know how to apply the trick you can finish the project easily and quickly.

While making quilt most of the beginners face problems in the ending part of joining quilt binding. This part is easy but tricky. Since this part remains visible, if it does not look good it will ruin the overall beauty of the quilt. You’d want to do further research in Sew Kit Kit website on quilting.


How to Join Quilt Binding-Easy Tricks: All You Need To Know

Even after hard work and spending a lot of time to make a beautiful quilt you may not get the expected result for not being able to join quilt binding properly. This article is to teach you the easy tricks of how to join quilt binding.

Easy Tricks to Join Quilt Binding

Before applying the trick directly on the main product I will suggest you practice it on something else like a quilt, mug rug, wall hanging etc. But if you are an expert or if you have enough confidence you can directly apply the trick on the quilt.

To practice the trick the length of your taken good should remain at least 10 inches more in addition to the edge that you are going to bound. Take a measuring tool like a tape measure or ruler for measurement. Without proper measurement, you will not be able to make a beautiful quilt binding.

Now I am going to describe the trick step by step.

11 Simple and Quick Steps to Join Quilt Binding

  • At first cut, the straight cut binding strips and fold it into the half. The width of your strip will depend on the thickness of your batting. If the batting is very thick you have to use a strip of extra width.
  • Then decide the approximate path of the joining and mark it up. It is better not to make the joining close to the corner.
  • Start sewing about 6 inches away from the joining mark. Keep in mind that you have to cover the mark and to cover it you can leave 2-3 inches extra tail. Continue sewing all the way around until the final side is met.
  • When you are approaching the joining point from the other side stop sewing about 6 inches away. Do not forget to leave enough binding to go past your joining point by another 2-3 inches.
  • Now it is time to snip off the extra binding. If you want to make the binding smooth now, go 2-3 inches past the joining point and both ends should overlap.
  • Take a portion of the extra binding that you snipped off in the previous step. Open it out to the full 2 and ½ inches wide. Now you have to fold the center and for this line up the binding over the join point.
  • Marking the lower piece of the binding on the opposite side of the stitching cut the extra part. Now you can easily overlap the two binding pieces. Check that whether the width of the binding strip is same or not.
  • For the convenience of your work fold the quilt in two halves, it will give you some working space.  Then place the two pieces of binding at 90-degree angle. If you need, you can add a couple of pins.
  • Now sew from one corner to the other through both layers keeping the point on the right of your needle and quilt on the left side of your needle. Then cut off the extra portion leaving a ¼ inch seam and press the seam open, finger pressing is fine.
  • After completing the 9th step now it is time to fold the binding back in half and make it smooth even with the edge. Then sew the gap between the two points of stitching.
  • Turning the binding over to the other side finish it.


If you join quilt binding in this way, you can easily cover the join. Always try to choose thread which color matches with the color of your quilt.

For the convenience of your understanding, I have divided the total process into 11 steps but it will not take a lot of time to complete. So, do not be afraid by reading 11 steps.

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