How To Improve Your Home‘s Air Quality

We all know about so many precautions to prevent air pollution outside but do you know how polluted air we are breathing every day at home? Well, you may feel a bit of it in summer when your entire room feels like an oven cooking you like a chicken.

Any idea about why does that happen? No, it’s not always just because you have a sun-facing room; there are more reasons behind the poor indoor air quality.


So, if you want to say goodbye to the bad air condition of your indoor space be with us till the last line because here we are revealing some super effective ways to improve the air quality in your home in just 6 easy steps. Here you go.

Improve the Ventilation Process

Ventilation is a must and most important step to keep the air inside your home fresh and cool. You should let your house breath to improve the airflow inside. Apart from this, you can buy an Air Purifier Device or a trickle ventilation device.

These devices are easily portable and work excellently to clean the dust and particles that your house sucks in through the air. Besides, you can look for some quality collings fans for rooms that can help your indoor space keep airy and let out the polluted air.   

Clean the AC Duct and Filter

Cleaning the AC filters seems a tough job to many and so they manage to work under the uncleaned AC filter until it stops working. But if you are careful about polluted air you must clean your AC filter and the AC duct regularly. It should be noted, the AC filters work to produce clean air by sucking in all the dust from the air.

But it has a limitation after that it stops working and produces polluted air. So, check if the Ac filter is working properly. In addition, if the AC duct is not well-maintained it will do the same thing as well. Check if the AC duct is properly cleaned and well maintained to produce clean air inside the house.

Clean the Surrounding

The indoor air can be polluted because of some accessories we use daily. Furniture, rugs, carpet, curtains, bed, shits, floor, pets and all other stuff that we use daily must get cleaned routinely. Many disease-causing germs and dust can be on these places if you don’t pay any attention to clean them in time.

As well as that, you must use eco-friendly cleaning detergents that are not made of alcohol. Also, you may plan aloe vera, peace lily, snake plant, boston fern. Bamboo palm etc indoor plants as they play a great role to improve the air quality in your room.  

Ventilation Timing

To improve the air quality you must maintain the ventilation timing every single day for your room. Open the window in the early morning or in the late evening to let the freshest wind blow inside your house. Especially, If your house is near a busy road or sun-facing then these two times are best for the ventilation process.

Not to mention, the perfect time of air ventilation improves the air quality remarkably. Also, keep an eye on your cooking area’s ventilation management with importance. Keep your windows open during and after cooking.

Check the Radon Existence

Use the radon detector device to find out if there is any radon gas inside. Radon gas has no smell and neither any color but it is a very harmful gas that can cause serious damage to your health. Many of us know about carbon monoxide but not about radon gas but both of them are equally deadly.

It would be better if you use smoke and gas detectors. With the help of this device, you can detect if someone is smoking inside as it’s another cause that pollutes the air inside your house. 

Humidity Level

It’s ideal to keep the humidity level of your house between 30-50% as with this level of humidity no molds can grow inside also there won’t be any mycotoxins and allergens that can make you sick. To control the humidity level you can buy dehumidifiers that will help you to control the moisture moreover improve the indoor air quality.


After a busy day, we all come back home to take off all the fatigue with a fresh breath. And so it’s really important to take the necessary steps to keep our house pollution-free, healthy and breathable. To help you out in that, we have suggested the 6 simple steps. Now, it’s your turn to make your sweet home actually sweet and harm-free.

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