5 Ultimate Tips On How To Get Rid Of Paint Smell

Painting your room or your entire house with a new color is not only one of the simplest and most effective things, but it amazingly enhances the way your home looks and boosts its appearance. Painting a room or a house is harder than you would have thought. The time and effort it takes to apply the paint on the walls itself might seem like the hardest part. In fact, it’s the smell of the fresh layer of paint that is the cause of most discomfort.

In this article, we will find out the answer to the question: how to get rid of paint smell from your newly painted room or house.


These 5 Tips Are All That You Need


Using A Bucket Of Water

One of the simplest ways on how to get rid of paint smell is to use a bucket of water. Fill a bucket with one to three gallons of water and place it in the center of the room that you have recently painted. You can use more buckets of water if you have to get rid of the paint smell from a large room or space.

Allow the bucket of water to sit overnight or until the paint smell has been removed. The water would absorb any solvent vapors that are leftover from the painting process. Do not use the water after use as it is not safe to drink and contaminated with the paint fumes.


With The Help Of An Onion

Take a medium to large sized white or yellow onion and peel away the outer layer. These types of onions are very good at absorbing smell and odor. Cut the onion in half using a knife and place the pieces of onion on an individual plate or shallow bowl with the cut side facing upwards.

Use more than one onion if you are trying to remove the smell of paint from a large room or space. Place two bowls at the two corners of the room and wait for it to absorb the paint smell naturally. You might have to allow the onions to sit overnight for it to completely remove the smell of the paint. Discard the onions properly once the paint smell has been removed from the room.


With The Help Of Salt, Lemon And Vinegar

A mixture of salt, lemon, and vinegar is extremely good at getting rid of the freshly painted smell. Fill up three or more bowls with tap water till they are half full. To the bowl, add a slice of lemon and a quarter cup of salt. You can also substitute the use of lemon and salt with white vinegar.

If you are going to use the vinegar version, it is highly recommended to add one part vinegar to one part of water. Place the bowls of the mixture in the room that need to be cleaned and the lemon, salt, or the vinegar will naturally absorb the smell of the paint.

Keep the bowls overnight to make sure that every bit of the paint smell is removed from the room. Dispose of the solution once the smell is eliminated.


Using Wood Charcoal Or Ground Coffee

You can also use wood charcoal and ground coffee to remove the smell of paint from a freshly painted room. Wear gloves and use your hand to crush and break the charcoal into smaller pieces.

It’s recommended using a coffee bean grinder to break the whole coffee beans. Take the crushed charcoal or coffee in a bowl and place it in the room from which the smell of paint has to be removed.

If the room is big, you might have to use more than one bowl of charcoal or coffee beans. Keep the bowls overnight or till it takes the paint smell to completely get absorbed by the charcoal or the beans.


Some Other Things That Can Be Used To Absorb The Smell Of Paint

You can use an electric fan to remove any solvent or fumes left after drying. Open the window and leave the fan running to blow away any trace of the paint smell.

You can also use baking soda or a lit candle in a bowl of water to absorb the fumes left after the drying of the paint and to remove the smell of paint from a freshly painted room.

It is extremely important to make sure that you work with paint and other such chemicals in an open and well-ventilated area. These paints and chemicals can quickly turn into fumes, which can get ingested by the person while breathing. These fumes can have a wide range of negative health and psychological effect on the individual.


Many times, the only excuse that we have for not getting our painting brushes and doing a complete makeover of the house is the fear of the smell of the paint. The smell of paint is extremely pungent and repellant that might cause health problems to certain people if exposed for prolonged duration.

It is, therefore, important to make sure that you have the knowledge and materials to make sure that the smell of the paint does not cause a problem to you and your family. These home remedies that we have talked about above are extremely useful when it comes to removing the smell of paint from a freshly painted room or house.

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