How to Get Rid of Awkward-Looking Stickers off Glass

Stickers on glass are one of the most annoying things to deal with. Whenever you buy a glass product, there’s a stubborn price ticket on it, whether it’s a mirror, new dishes, a new windshield, or anything in between.


If you have children, stickers may end up on glass tabletop, doors and windows at least once. The point being, it’s a nuisance to deal with stickers. However, there are ways to get rid of them easily and without an issue, which is what we’ll be learning today!

What Happens If You Remove Stickers Without Reading This Article First?

If you attempt to remove stickers without reading this article first, you might compromise the integrity of your glass. When you don’t know what to do, you get desperate and you do things like trying to scrape it off with a knife, which may lead you to scratch your glass items or mirrors.

The methods we’ll discuss below will prevent you from damaging the glass and you will finally say goodbye to stickers on glass.

Methods to Remove Irritating Stickers from Glass Tabletop, Door or Window

There are many different ways to get rid of stubborn stickers on glass effectively. For most of these methods, you won’t need any special products or items. Most of the time, you already have something at home that can help!

Soak with Warm Water

The oldest trick in the book about how to remove sticker residue from glass is to soak it in warm water and scrub it off. The problem is that not all stickers will come off this way. However, it’s still worth mentioning and it’s also worth giving it a try first to see if it works for your sticker.

Spray with the Window Cleaner

If you have a window cleaner laying around, you can try to get the sticker off with that. Simply spray the sticker with the window cleaner and use a razor blade to carefully remove it by scraping at an angle. Do this slowly; if you go too fast, the residue of the sticker will remain and you’ll spend a lot more time taking off individual pieces.

Rubbing Alcohol and Nail Polish Remover

Rubbing alcohol works for many things, including getting rid of stickers on glass. Take a piece of cotton, drench it in alcohol and then dab it on the sticker until it’s completely soaked. Wait a few minutes, and then carefully peel it away. You can do the same thing with nail polish remover.

Both of these products will break down the adhesive for easy sticker removal.

Vinegar with a Bit More Rubbing

Vinegar will work the same way as rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover, it will just take more rubbing. Take a cloth, apply vinegar, and then rub the sticker until your glass is nice and clear.

Cooking Oil to Make Rubbing Easy

Cooking oil can break down the sticker, making it easier to peel or rub off. So, apply any kind of cooking oil you have at hand on the sticker, making sure you cover the edges of the sticker and let it sit for a few minutes before you remove it. Clean the glass with soap and warm water!

Use “Goo Gone”

Products such as Goo Gone exist to remove the sticker adhesive. So, if everything else fails, you can be certain this option will work. If you don’t want to purchase it, you can make a version of it yourself by mixing equal amounts of baking soda and olive oil. Then, dip a cloth or a paper towel in it and rub the sticker until it’s gone.

Which Method Is the Most Effective?

The effectiveness of the methods will depend on the kind of sticker you’re dealing with. If you’ve tried most of the options available and you’re still dealing with the sticker, use the Goo Gone method to make sure you’re finally free of stubborn stickers. 

You can either purchase it or make a version of it at home; either way, it will be highly effective against stickers that truly don’t want to come off.

Tips to Make Your Glass Clean and Shiny

There are many different ways to make sure your glass is always nice and shiny. For example, you can use newspapers. Simply roll it into a ball and clean your glass with it. It works a lot better than a cloth or a towel because these options are full of lint.

You can also clean your glass with vinegar if you’re out of cleaning solutions such as the Glass & Mirror Cleaner Foam, one of the best glass cleaners you’ll try. You can find it in our shop and you won’t want to try another cleaning solution for glass and mirrors ever again!

You can also use a coffee filter soaked in water! Yes, it seems strange, but coffee filters are lint-free, they’re readily available and will do the job. If you want to make sure you clean your corners well, you can use cotton swabs. Another great option to keep your glass shiny and clean is to get a squeegee, which is designed to clean glass.

How you clean your glass is also important. First of all, you want to make sure to clean the entire surface. Don’t just wipe a part of the glass or mirror because it will leave stains that will be noticeable when the light hits the glass or mirror. Secondly, make sure you clean from top to bottom and left to right to give the glass or mirror a nice shine.

Final Words

Sometimes we can’t avoid having to deal with stickers on glass. Whether that’s because your glass products come with price stickers or because your kids decided to become sticker decorators.

Whatever the case may be, try the easy methods we’ve provided above and you will be able to restore the integrity and beauty of your glass products. And when you’re done removing the stickers, remember to give the glass a good clean!

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