6 Creative Ideas On How to Enhance Home Security

Maybe your neighbor's house has recently been broken into, so you are worried about your home facing a similar situation. Or perhaps you will go on an extended vacation this summer, and you would want to leave your home secure. Here are six creative ideas on how to enhance your home security:


Never Allow Your Mail to Be Left to Pile Up

If you are traveling far away for a long time, you should convey a message to your local post office. The message should instruct them to hold your letters till a particular date. The specific date should be the day when you are scheduled to come back.

how to enhance your home security

When you leave your letters to pile up, it will be a clear sign to criminals that you are not around. Most people, overexcited over the prospects of a long vacation; forget to implement this simple home security hack. Don’t be among them. This way, you will guarantee the safety of your home even if you are far away.

Start Using a New Home Security System

This is one of the oldest and most effective home security hacks. With a new home security system, you will be assured of 100% safety in your house.

However, you must make sure that you select the right home security company. To choose the best security company, you will have to pay due regard to various factors. These are the size of your budget, mode of installation and, the monitoring system.

how to enhance your home security

If you already have a security system, then you should scan it for any possible defects. If you find that it is defective, you should swap it with a new one. Don’t fret about the extra costs. Most security system companies have reliable guarantee policies.

Use Motion Sensor Lighting

When you use motion sensor lighting, you will have made an enormous step towards revamping your home security. Apart from motion sensor lighting, you can also purchase motion detectors.

Motion detectors and sensor lighting will continuously give you alerts in case of any possible movement. As explained by Family Handy Man, these alerts will help you to plan on what to do to reduce potential risks of theft and, burglary. You can buy motion detectors and sensor lighting from a reliable security company.

Make Use of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can help to safeguard your home. These security cameras can be put in either your indoor or outdoor areas.

how to enhance your home security

There are many types of surveillance cameras, for instance; bullet, dome, IR day/night cameras. Not all cameras work similarly. Different camera types are suited for distinct purposes. For example; a bullet camera is excellent for preventing robbery while a dome camera will make the best fit for supervising your employees.

Surveillance cameras are not superheroes as far as maintaining the security of your house is concerned. These cameras can be limited in one way or the other. For instance; they may not work when there is no power. Or they may have a narrow recording angle.

Take Care of Your Outdoor Areas

As provided for by South Burnett Times, you should always maintain your outdoor areas. Never neglect them. If you ignore them, they may become potential hiding areas for criminals.

Most criminals will not enter your home and attack you immediately. They will look for a nice place to hide first, before waiting for a convenient time.

how to enhance your home security

Therefore, a bushy fence or an empty pit can form the perfect hiding spot. So, you should regularly trim your shrubs and, fences. Your vegetable garden should be gotten rid of unnecessary weeds. Also, you should landscape your outdoor areas properly.

If you take care of your outdoor areas, you will enhance your security at home. What’s more – your home will look more attractive and, decent.

Swap Your Wooden Front Door with A Metallic One

If you have a wooden front door, it is now time to replace it with a metallic one. Although this home security hack can seem to be very costly and farfetched, it is worth it.

how to enhance your home security

If your front door is robust, potential intruders will be incapable of compelling it to open. Normally, most robust doors are metallic. Wooden doors are usually weak.

If you cannot afford to buy a metallic door, then you should consider using an electric or, magnetic lock. This is a cheaper alternative. With these kinds of locks, a burglar will not be successful in his attempts to break into your home.


With the assistance of these home security hacks, the safety of your loved ones and, your property will be guaranteed. This will give you peace of mind. It will also enable you to invest more and, to improve your living standards with no worries of being attacked by criminals.

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