How to Design the Backyard of Your Dreams

The backyard is often one of the most wasted and unused areas in a home. Having a property with a well-designed outdoor space can seriously increase its sell-by value. However, many homeowners rarely see the potential of this space, so they don’t put enough effort into designing and renovating their backyard.


So, whether you’re just about to move into a new home or you’ve suddenly decided to pay your garden some well needed attention, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll be sharing all our top tips and tricks for you to design the backyard of your dreams. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Give Your Garden a Purpose

Before you start your shopping spree, it’s important to think about what use you would like to get out of your garden. Will you be using this space to entertain guests? Is it a place to relax? Do you want some space to plant your own herbs and vegetables? Knowing the purpose of your garden can help guide your design choices.

Think About Weather Conditions

Next, you’ll need to think about the weather conditions that you’ll experience throughout the year. The best gardens are those that can be used all year round, so if you experience cold and rainy months, why not think about installing an outdoor shed that you can convert into a chill out area?

Stick to an Aesthetic

Another way to ensure your garden space looks as cohesive as possible is by sticking to an aesthetic. For example, if you’d like to add some contemporary chaise lounge chairs near the pool, make sure your dining area and accessories also match this style of furniture.

Add a Walkway

An essential addition to any outdoor space is a walkway. This is extremely convenient as it can avoid creating unnecessary mess and ensures a clean transition from the house to the garden. Make sure to create your walkway with paving materials that have a coarse texture as these will maximise grip.

Create a Grill Station

If you’re an avid chef, you’ll be sure to make the most of your grill station. Don’t think of it as just the barbeque area. Instead, create a space that will simplify your outdoor cooking. Make plenty of room for storage and perhaps even a sink.

Use Long-Lasting Materials

Although the idea of a velvet outdoor sofa may be great in principle, it’s not practical. You’ll need to find long-lasting and durable materials that will work well in an outdoor setting. This includes materials such as teak, rattan, aluminium, and acrylic fabric.

Beware of a Plant’s Mature Size

When we start redesigning our garden we can often get carried away with our selection of flowers and plants. Adding plenty of greenery to your outdoor space is essential, however, you should be wary of how large these plants will grow when they reach maturity. After all, you don’t want them crowding up your space.

Consider Water Features

If you’re looking to turn your garden into a relaxing oasis, we recommend you consider installing some water features, such as a fountain or pond. Not only can you create a safe space for wildlife to thrive in, but you can also unwind to the sound of flowing water.

Use Rope Lights

Rope lights are great for any outdoor space, and they can be used both for ambiance and floor lighting. If you have a walkway, you can install rope lights nearby to illuminate the way. Alternatively, you could use them as fairy lights and string them along your gazebo. Just make sure the lights you purchase are especially designed for outdoor use.

Create Your Own Fire Pit

Despite the cooler spring and autumn evenings, you’ll still want to make the most out of your outdoor space. That’s why we recommend you create your very own fire pit. Grab a blanket, a hot drink, and get ready to make some smores. We guarantee you’ll have plenty of great conversations and lots of laughs around your fire pit.

It’s easy to get carried away when you are building the backyard of your dreams. Make sure to create a budget you are happy with and do your best to stick to it. Think about what you will truly use this outdoor space for. This will help avoid any unnecessary purchases. All in all, it’s important that you have fun with this process, so make sure to enjoy every step of the way. 

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