How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget? All You Need To Know

The bathroom is the place where we go to refresh ourselves. So, it should be decorated well. Though it is a small room it gives so many scopes for decoration or renovation. Many people think that bathroom decoration is costly but their conception is not right.


You can decorate your bathroom beautifully within budget if you are acquainted with cheap but beautiful bathroom decoration idea. Here we are going to discuss some amazing bathroom decoration ideas that will help you to make the appearance and environment of your bathroom elegant, comfortable and luxurious.


Lighting has a significant effect on the overall environment of your bathroom. Proper lighting can make your bathroom look luxurious. It is better to use soft light in the bathroom instead of harsh light. Soft light is helpful to provide the feeling of relaxing to your body and mind.

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

You can hang a small chandelier to make your bathroom look stylish and cultured. If the light around the mirror is harsh change it and install a soft light. If the fixtures are old, replace them with new and stylish fixtures. There are many types of light fixtures of stylish design that are not so pricey. You can also insert can light in the ceiling; it will help to make a tranquilized bathroom environment.

Decorating the Wall Tile

If you are bored to look at the same wall tile day after day or if the tile is not attractive, you can make some change by installing removable adhesive tiles that look like real tile and also cheap and easy to cut. Whenever you need you can remove these adhesive tiles too.

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

You can also bring some changes in the wall of your bathroom by hanging some cool artwork on the wall. The artwork that you are going to hang on the bathroom wall must be water resistant; otherwise, it will get spoiled very soon. An artwork of starfish, jellyfish or cascade, sea or mountain suits best on the bathroom wall.

Updating Hardware

While choosing hardware for the bathroom like cabinet knobs, towel bars, sink faucets, and toilet flush handles etc. try to choose a shiny product. You can upgrade any old décor and make your bathroom look stylish by using yellow brass out for oil-rubbed bronze. Some people like old traditional look but I think sometimes the old traditional bathroom environment degrade your mental condition rather upgrading it.

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

If you have two bathrooms and you like the traditional old design you can decorate one in traditionally designed hardware and the other with sleek and shiny hardware. To make the updating project easy and trouble-free, choose new hardware with a similarly sized screw hole spacing with the old one.

Decorative Bottle and Jars

Keeping shower gels, shampoos etc. in decorative bottles and jars give a unique look to your bathroom. To easily recognize them, you can level each container.

Space Maximization

If your bathroom is not wide rather congested, you can make it look wide and open by doing little renovations.

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

For example- you can turn pull-out drawers into a cabinet, you can use a wall-mounted basket or floating wall shelves to free up the floor of your bathroom. You can also make use the corner space by installing a corner toilet or you can install a wall hung toilet to maximize the free space of your bathroom.

These techniques also let you organize so many items in a small space beside freeing up space.

Hard Edge Softening

Fun fabrics and soft rugs can be used to beautify the hard edges of the bathroom. Using a mix of patterns with a bold shower curtain and rug combo adds an extra dimension of beauty in your bathroom.

Textile Upgrading

If the textile of your bathroom is old enough, you can replace them with a new one. It will remove the monotony of using same textile day after day. To me, upgrading the textile means giving a new life to my bathroom or bringing liveliness there. 

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

Replace the old towel with a new one of another color and texture; change the floor mat and the shower curtain. You can use the rod of the curtain for hanging small accessories. It is a smart space-saving technique. 

DIY a Pebble Bathmat

To enjoy a spa experience at home you can DIY a pebble bathmat in your bathroom. It is not costly at all. You need a rubber mat (with holes for drainage), some waterproof sealer, and smooth stones for making a pebble bathmat. 

DIY Pom-pom Rug

To turn the cold tile floor of your bathroom into a cozier one DIY a pom-pom rug and place it on the floor of your bathroom.

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

Musical Shower Fixture

Some people like listening to music during showering. Adding a musical shower fixture is a smarter way to listen to music during showering.

Bathroom Accessories

If you have already implemented all the 6 decoration ideas stated above, now it is time to add some necessary and beautiful bathroom accessories. A wastebasket or beautiful soap dish or soap pump helps to keep your bathroom neat and clean. So, you can keep these items in your bathroom.

How to Decorate the Bathroom on Budget

If natural light enters in your bathroom you can keep a beautiful plant like orchids or cactus in your bathroom but if natural light cannot enter into your bathroom you can keep a silk floral item to beautify your bathroom environment. Room diffuser or candle that spreads scent can be kept in the bathroom. It removes the odor and turns the environment into a tranquilized environment.

If you like to drink wine or read a book during passing times sitting or lying in the bathtub, you can make a tray for these items.


There are so many luxurious bathroom decoration ideas but we have mentioned here only the basic ideas that do not cost much and fit with your budget. It is better to decorate the bathroom slowly if you have a budget problem. There are 2 benefits of slow decoration.

The first one is you do not have to take any financial pressure and the second one is each time you will do a new decoration your bathroom will look new and it will remove the monotony of looking the same environment daily.

More or less all the ideas mentioned in this article will help to increase the beauty and elegance of your bathroom but all the ideas found on different sites are not able to add or increase the beauty, instead, they can ruin the environment of your bathroom.

So, before implementing a bathroom decoration idea take time to think that whether it will match with your bathroom or not.

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