How To Cut Galvanized Pipe in 7 Simple Steps

If you have ever installed water pipes at home, then you would know the importance of galvanized pipes in your house’s plumbing system.

A galvanized pipe is not as hard as cast iron and can be cut into pieces with the help of a reciprocating saw. It finds special significance in water pipes and plumbing lines because it has the perfect tensile strength owing to its capability to work in freezing temperatures and high pressures. 


​ Ever encountered a situation wherein you need to know how to cut galvanized pipe? While sitting at home, you will now be able to cut the galvanized pipes and save up the money you would otherwise spend on a plumber. Here are some simple steps to adopt how to cut galvanized pipe with a reciprocating saw.

​Things you need to cut galvanized pipes

​Before we get started with the procedure for cutting galvanized pipes, let us have a quick look on all the things that we need:

Reciprocating Saw

how to cut palvanized pipe with Reciprocating Saw

First of all, this is the most important tool for cutting the galvanized pipe. Reciprocating tool holds the blade and should therefore be extremely efficient.

Metal Cutting Blade

how to cut palvanized pipe Metal Cutting Blade

Next up, we will need a 6-inch metal cutting blade. It will be installed on to the reciprocating saw and thus needs to be sharp enough to get through the galvanized pipe.

Carpenter's Measuring Tape or Ruler

how to cut palvanized pipe with Mesuring Tape

Before starting the process, you need to make sure about the length and the size of the new galvanized pipe that you want. With the help of a Carpenter's measuring tape or ruler, you will have the exact measurement to start cutting.


how to cut palvanized pipe with Goggles

Do keep in mind that your safety is of primary importance. Use goggles during this operation in order to protect your eyes from sharp metallic objects.


how to cut palvanized pipe with Gloves

While dealing with metal, there can be a number of different accidents cropping up. In such a situation, your hands are most exposed to the action. Thus, wearing gloves will keep your skin safe and protected.

How to cut galvanized pipe

1. Mark Your Safety

how to cut palvanized pipe-Safety

Before you proceed with the whole operation, it is imperative to remember that your safety comes first. So, there are certain protective gears that you must make use of.

For instance, ensure that you have gloves on for this task and a pair of goggles will help you keep your eyes safe. Add to that, wearing protective shoes can prevent any further accidents.

2. Measure The Pipe

how to cut palvanized pipe - Mesure The Pipe

Now, the next part of the process involves getting your measurements right. For instance, you should have the theoretical measurements ready before you start with the process.

You could take measurements with the help of a ruler, a measuring tape or with a piece of thread. You cannot afford to have allowances on the sides as this would not help you in meeting your purpose. You should have your pipe measured before using the saw.

3. Install The Metal Cutting Blade

Get your hands over reciprocating straw and install on to it a very small 6-inch metal cutting blade. This is essential in order to cut the metal pipe.

4. Is The Pipe Ready?

The next big question is - is the pipe is actually ready to be cut? It would be a good idea to tie a piece of cloth around the metal pipe in order to prevent your pipe from slipping out of your hand while you are cutting it. Also, make sure you position the pipe in a convenient manner.

What does this mean? For instance, the pipe with the measurements marked should be facing upwards such that you do not have to bend yourself in order to check them.

5. Positioning The Saw

In this step, we are going to position the galvanized pipe such that you can cut it without much ado. For this, hold the reciprocating saw near the pipe. How should you go about it? It’s simple. The foot of the blade should be in contact with the pipe and the blade should be across the pipe. How does this help? This basically would help you in reducing the vibrations in the process.

You might face a bit trouble when the pipe is at the corner. In this situation, all you have to do is keep the pipe at a safe distance from the foot of the blade such that the metal does not cut the surrounding objects.

6. Making The Cut!

Now, the preparatory part of the operation is done: positioning the saw. The more important part of the task is making the cut. As you keep the saw steady in position, gradually put a forward directed pressure on the saw.

While you are on this, do keep in mind that the saw should not touch anything around the galvanized pipe including fragile frames.

7. Completing The Cut

Finally, you are almost towards the end of the cut. As you keep deepening the cut on the galvanized pipe, you need to stop right before making the final step. This should be followed by cutting and bending the pipe slightly in order to give it the stability.

Once you’re half way through the cut, apply some extra pressure in order to finish the cut and break the galvanized pipe into two.

Check video below to see clearly how to do it

All Done !

A lot of us have faced a number of different issues while dealing with galvanized metals. Having faced similar situations, I thought of writing this guide to make you affluent with the process of cutting galvanized pipes.

Does this tutorial make it any better to carry out the operation of cutting galvanized pipes now? Does it become a tad bit easier to make your way around these galvanized metals?

Do let us know in your comments how well you can handle these metallic pipes now and tell us what you think about this guide. Also, if you like it, do share the article with your friends!

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