How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Getaway

Remember when backyards used to be just a part of your home’s exterior? Well, those times have passed, because today a backyard is basically an outdoor living space. Whether you choose to relax, or entertain yourself and your friends in your backyard, this outdoor space can be a real sanctuary, but only if you decorate it in such a manner.

With a few easy and creative tips, you’ll be able to create a nice little haven where you can enjoy a spa treatment, sip cocktails or get some tan during summer months.


Invest In Cosy Furniture

Your needs, proclivities, space availability, and budget are just some of the factors that will affect your choice of outdoor furniture for the backyard getaway. If money is not an issue, and you don’t mind spending a little bit more time on maintenance, natural wood and wrought iron are a great choice for you. They are much better looking than plastic or vinyl, but you’ll need to repaint wrought iron occasionally.

We all need a silent place to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed manner, and one of the great ways to create that space is to get a hammock. To ensure some additional seating and some fun for your kids, think about adding a garden swing.

Waterproof loungers are a great addition to your backyard if you have a swimming pool. You can have pool parties, or organize a spa day at your home, and the best way to relax by the water is to sit or get laid back on a comfy lounger.

Get An Outdoor Room

Adding a gazebo to the backyard is a wonderful way to add another level of luxury to your outdoor oasis. Whether it is attached to the deck, set near a pool, or built on the landscape, it is a perfect outdoor room that creates a protected space for relaxing, cooking or dining.

Use arbours, trellises, or pergolas to define activity zones in your outdoor space. They are also great for creating focal points, dividing areas based on their function, and they can transition from one area to another. Not only will a gazeebo offer your backyard a more luxurious appeal, but it’ll also create privacy.

This way you can walk freely in your bathing suit or your robe, without having to worry any of the neighbours might see you and invade your privacy.

Add A Spa Or A Hot Tub

For the ultimate spa getaway experience in your backyard, you should think about adding a spa or a hot tub. Only with a cutting-edge 2 person outdoor spa will you have the chance to feel like in a five star retreat. You can then enjoy a long, relaxing soak at the end of a hectic day, and recharge for the next working day.

However, before you buy the spa, make sure you know where you’ll put it, and whether you want the spa in a sunny or shaded area so you can make the most of your outdoor spa. If you’ve thought about creating your new outdoor spa on a wooden deck, it’s important to know if it can handle the extra weight.

Reinforcing the structure would be a good idea, because you won’t have to excavate your spa if it sinks due to the extra weight. With water and people inside, an average outdoor spa weights approximately 5,500 pounds, so you should create a deck that can withstand that much load. To protect the wood from water damage and allow easier cleaning and maintenance, think about painting the deck with waterproof sealers.

Create Shade

Sun umbrellas and awnings are also something you should consider for your backyard getaway. Not only are they a great adornment, but umbrellas can also create a nice shade from the blazing sun.

With an umbrella or canopy, you can spend the entire day outdoors, without thinking about getting those harmful sunburns. Feel free to make the most of your summer days, and enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors, without being bothered by the harmful UV rays. If you want to cover a large portion of your backyard, consider installing shade sails.

They will also lower the temperature in your home by as much as 20 degrees, because they’re made of high-density polypropylene mesh fabric.

Add Some Greenery

To add a little bit of spa-like ambience to your backyard getaway, add a touch of nature to your outdoors. Greenery will give your backyard a more appealing look, and it’ll be a great way to improve your privacy.

Introduce a pop of colour and prevent the peeping eyes of your neighbours from looking into your backyard by adding large shrubs and flowers. Greenery that has fragrant flowers such as jasmine, sensation lilac or gardenia is an even better choice, because it’ll fill your backyard getaway with lovely, relaxing scents.


Your backyard doesn’t have to be just a part of your house’s exterior anymore, but you can put it to good use and create a nice little getaway. By transforming your outdoors into a relaxing area, you’ll offer yourself and your family a soothing place to unwind, have fun with your friends and enjoy the fresh air every chance you get.

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