How to Clean Glass Fireplace Doors: All You Need To Know

If you’re planning on buying glass fire-place doors in the near future, it is important to have some idea on how to take care of it. If you already have one at home, you may have often come across a dark grey film coating the fireplace door. Naturally, your first reaction might have been to reach out for a harsh, but effective, chemical cleaner, but that should never be the case.


There is a huge chance that you might end up damaging the wonderful glass or even lead to an all-around fire hazard. The best method for cleaning your fireplace door is to reach for things near it, such as the ash, newspaper, and water.

Sounds confusing, right? We will clear your doubts soon!

Why Going for a Glass Fireplace Door is the Best Option?

Glass fireplace doors have the same number of benefits that screens do. However, fireplace doors might just offer some extra protection when it comes to gas fireplaces.

Other than working as the perfect barrier between the flames from the fireplace and the room, they also have the advantage of adding a bit of elegance to the room. Glass fireplace doors are infinitely more stylish than simple fireplace screens. A lot of manufacturers also add extra design to the frame to make the fireplace look cooler.

The most important benefit would be the way in which it helps save energy by keeping the warm atmosphere in the room. It prevents the hot air from leaving through the chimney. The more air that stays in the room, the more heat is produced by the fireplace.

Types of Glass Fireplace Doors

Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass is a strong type of glass, one that can withstand 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of glass is usually the more popular variety of glass for stoves. However, ceramic glass does have use in masonry fireplace doors as well. It is mainly used when the fireplace is such that the heat produced by the woods and logs might exceed what tempered glass is capable of handling.

Ceramic glass also has a coefficient of thermal expansion on the lower side. This means ceramic glass doesn’t expand easily. While this is a nice advantage, this isn’t applicable to fireplace doors. It’s usually best to use this for covering products that get hot beyond anyone’s control.

Ceramic glass is expensive as well. If you count the price of the glass and customs charges, it seems a bit of a waste, unless the fireplace absolutely calls for it.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is usually the most common type of glass used when it comes to fireplace doors. Usually, you wouldn’t burn the fireplace when the glass insert is still in place. This way, the glass fireplace door isn’t exposed to any kind of heat that could potentially shatter or damage the glass.

If we compare this to ceramic glass, it is certainly less expensive. If your fireplace door gets damaged in any way, it’s much easier to replace it due to the relatively low price.

Cleaning the Glass Fireplace Door

If you follow these simple six instructions, your glass fireplace door should be clean and shiny in no time!

Safety First

Before you even attempt to clean the fireplace door, you need to perform some mandatory checks. Keep an eye out for smoldered ash near or on the door. Coal usually remains hot for around 48 hours. So, if you’re planning on cleaning the door, you must wait for the coal to cool down first.

The Things You Need

There are some items you need before you start cleaning your fireplace door. Gathering these shouldn’t be a problem. You merely need a bowl filled with cold tap water, a spray bottle, some regular cleaning paper towels, and some newspapers.

The most important and unexpected ingredient would be something that’s always present near a fireplace - ash!

The Cleaning

  • Either fold the newspaper neatly or crumple it completely. First, dip the newspaper into the water and then into the ash you’ve gathered. By dipping it, we only mean that you should moisten the newspaper, not so much that it is soaking wet. You also need the tiniest bit of ash, enough so it sticks to the newspaper
  • Now, take the newspaper and pat it gently on the inside surface of the fireplace door. It’s best you do it in a circular motion as it works over the soot quicker. As you keep on cleaning it, you will see the newspaper slowly gathering the dirt. It will turn black in a matter of minutes
  • Discard the now sooty newspaper and grab a new one. Repeat the previous method again. This way, most of the soot will simply stick to the newspaper, leaving only a bit remaining on the glass
  • The Final Step: Now, it’s time for the spray bottle. Use it to spray some water on the fireplace door. Wipe the water off with the paper towel. Keep doing this until you see your paper towel isn’t gathering any more soot or dirt. Get rid of the remaining water residue with a clean paper towel


While it is certainly handy to know how to clean glass fireplace doors, it’s all for naught if you don’t have a glass fireplace door you can be proud of. A glass and mirror company such as Fab Glass and Mirror lets you customize all your glass needs. Allowing you full control over the thickness, size, glass type, and corner finish, Fabglass and mirror lets its customer design the kind of glass they want, on what terms and for what purpose.

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