How to Choose the Perfect Swimming Pool Layout for Your Home

Building a swimming pool in your backyard is the perfect way to add a little bit of luxury and increase the value of your home. Furthermore, if you want a place to relax and enjoy the sunlight, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, building a swimming pool is just the right option.

However, before you decide to take this huge step, you should consider a few key points that will tell you whether your home is big enough for a pool and which is the right choice of a swimming pool for your property.


How to Choose the Perfect Swimming Pool Layout for Your Home

Think About The Space

The size of your backyard is the first thing you should consider when you start debating whether to have a swimming pool or not. What’s more, you should keep in mind the fact that the pool patio is an essential part of the poolscape, which means you need to pay attention to it as well, and not sacrifice too much of its space.

The average pool deck is 600-900 feet large, so if your yard has more space than that, it would be perfect for a swimming pool. In addition, don’t forget to count in the space for a conversation area, a dining area for at least four people, and the space that has to be between the furniture, as well as the pathways, the space between the base of a set of steps and the water edge of the pool.

These are just some of the essential areas of the pool patio that you should think about when planning to build a swimming pool. If you don’t have as much space, you can always opt for smaller above ground swimming pools. They are a great option if you plan to move soon, because you’ll be able to bring your pool with you to your new home.

Concrete, Fibreglass, or Vinyl

When it comes to the choice of material you want your swimming to be made of, you have three options. Concrete pool is the most popular, but pricy as well, so if you’re on a budget, you might want to think about some other material. However, even though concrete pool is expensive, the good side is that theycan be perfectly customized to suit the shape and size of your backyard.

From Roman swimming pools, to Lazy-L shape, to Grecian pools and free forms, concrete pools can be built in any shape you want. While it takes up to 12 weeks to build a concrete pool, it’s still the strongest of them all, and it can be updated, enlarged, refinished and rebuilt at any time. Applying knockdown finish on your concrete pool deck is another way to create a stronger pool deck. You can check out Pool Deck Orlando for a wide variety of concrete pool deck coatings

If you don’t have a big enough budget for a concrete swimming pool, consider a fibreglass one. Aside from being affordable, fibreglass pools have a smooth gel-coat finish that will last for ages. These pools use fewer chemicals than concrete pools, due to their nonporous finish. However, keep in mind the fact that you’ll need a lot of space in the backyard for its delivery and installation, because fibreglass pools are delivered by crane.

A one-piece flexible liner constructs vinyl pools that fit into an excavated hole, which is later attached to an aluminium or steel-framed wall. Unlike concrete pools, the shapes and sizes of vinyl pols are limited, and they mostly come in L-shape. It takes between one and three weeks to install a vinyl pool, so if you want the job to be done quickly, these pools are the right choice.

However, keep in mind that vinyl pools are rather fragile, so you should keep pointy toys and sharp things away from the pool to avoid the liner puncturing.

Maintenance Issues

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to swimming pools is how you’re going to maintain it. Having a clean pool is vital for your health, so you should make sure it has a proper maintenance system.

One of the options is saltwater or saline. This is the perfect choice if you live a hectic life and don’t have the time to think about adding chlorine to your pool. The salt in the saline produces chlorine, so it’s also a good option if you want to decrease upkeep costs.

While the instalment can break the bank, it will pay off in the long run. On the other hand, you can choose to keep the pool bacteria-free with chlorine and save a few bucks. However, while they cost less, their maintenance routine is more complex. You’ll have to dedicate some time to pool maintenance every week, if you wish to have a clean and safe swimming area.


Swimming pools can be a wonderful addition to your home. Aside from increasing your home value, they can offer you plenty more benefits. From allowing you to sunbathe and take laps in the privacy of your home, to creating a pleasant environment to unwind and spend time with friend, having a swimming pool in your backyard is a worthwhile investment.

However, before you decide to take this big step and build a pool in your home, make sure you have enough space for it and decide whether you’d like a concrete, fibreglass, or a vinyl one.

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