How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Home and Create a Better Atmosphere

Lighting can make or break your home décor, so it’s important that you do it right. Not only does lighting illuminate your space, but it can also help you set a particular tone and elevate your home décor. Yet, a great number of homeowners don’t pay enough attention to this important design element. However, if you want to make your home truly shine, lighting is the key element that will help you achieve that.


Illuminate The Entryway For The Wow Effect

The entryway is the perfect area for setting the tone for your entire home and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Therefore, it’s important that you use lighting appropriately to create an inviting look. This means that you should introduce lighting fixtures that will create a subtle yet impactful atmosphere.

For example, a lovely floor lamp in the corner can be used for mood lighting while a stunning chandelier or a modern pendant can work as the main source of light and the focal point. If your entryway is quite spacious, you can use two or even three pendants for the wow effect.

However, make sure to link them with style, shape, material or finish to create a cohesive, elegant and imposing look.

Keep It Functional In The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen lighting, it should perform two different functions. Namely, kitchen lighting should boost the functionality of your space, enabling you to slice and dice quickly and efficiently. However, since the kitchen is the heart of the home, lighting should also give it a homey appeal.

Thus, it’s important that you combine different lighting solutions that will provide you with the best of both worlds. However, you need to create a balance between task lights and accent, mood lights. Using too many recessed lights is one of the most common lighting mistakes in the kitchen.

Instead, you should install task lights under the upper cabinets while using stylish pendants or chandeliers over the kitchen island for the amazing effect. This way, you’ll create a soft, homey, but functional atmosphere, perfect for the kitchen design.

Layer Lighting In The Living Room

The living room has become a multipurpose area, so the lighting in it should meet all of your needs. Therefore, you should go with flexible lighting solutions that enable you to switch between different moods. For example, Aussies typically use mesmerising chandeliers or pendants as the focal points of their living rooms and enchanting décor statements.

In fact, some reputable lighting stores in Sydney offer custom-made pendant lights that fit into the general style of any home. Matching the lighting fixtures to the overall design of your living room is of the utmost importance, so you should consider going with a custom solution if you can’t find the appropriate style.

In the living room, you should also use functional lighting, such as dimmers, that will enable you to change the atmosphere of your space depending on your needs. Finally, floor lamps and wall sconces can work as lovely accent details in your living room.

Use Lighting For Cosiness In The Bedroom

Bedroom lighting should contribute to the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort that can put you in a state of relaxation. Thus, you should go with soft, warm lights that will create an intimate ambience. Task lights are also important in the bedroom and they are typically used in the form of bedside lamps.

How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

If you want to create an enchanting visual appeal, you can use pendant lights on the sides of your bed. Dimmers are also welcome in the bedroom since they enable you to adjust the mood. Finally, wall sconces and accent lights can be used to accentuate your bedroom artwork.

Go With Subtle Lighting In The Bathroom

In the bathroom, lighting should be both functional and relaxing, so it’s important that you create a balanced lighting scheme. Avoid using a single downlight over the vanity because it will give an unflattering reflection. Instead, you should install lights on the mirror sides for functionality.

On the other hand, a chandelier or a pendant light placed above the bathtub can work as the stunning focal point while dimmers will create a subtle, relaxing ambience.

The perfect lighting will enhance the functionality of your space and help you give each room in your house an authentic appeal.


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