How to Boost Your Property Value by Enhancing Curb Appeal

There are a ton of methods of boosting property value and while many homeowners focus on the interior of their property when it comes to increasing value, these types of home improvement projects can be understandably costly.


However, if you are searching for effective methods of boosting property value without having to invest a ton of money, then enhancing curb appeal is perfectly ideal as you will be able to invest effort rather than your hard-earned money. Even though certain aspects of enhancing curb appeal may require a bit of financial investment, renovating your bathroom or your kitchen will still be significantly more expensive.

Whether you are hoping to sell your home and turn something of a profit, or you are simply hoping to improve your general comfort levels at home, the following methods of enhancing curb appeal are cost-effective and generally low maintenance.

Elegant Front Yard Paving

Curb appeal refers to the general visual aesthetics of your property from the street, which means your front yard, front porch, and outer walls of your house are in question. Therefore, having reliable and professional driveway sealing companies install elegant front yard paving will be a great way to start your property transformation.

Having a neat driveway that has been paved with care will definitely be a notable selling point for your property. You should consider having paving installed from your driveway to your front door as well because this extra effort will protect your lawn from foot traffic that inevitably kills it.

There are several different paving designs out there to consider, although, it is usually best to consider designs that are not too detailed as these types of designs may clash with landscaping designs. 

It might also be worth updating your front and garage doors, especially as the new driveway will highlight how tired they look.

Landscaping Efforts

Landscaping is by far, one of the most affordable methods of enhancing curb appeal as well as your property value. This is because a gorgeous garden is almost as sought after as modern kitchen.

You will have to create something of a detailed landscaping plan to ensure your placement of shrubs, flowers, and trees are ideal and you should also incorporate some charming outdoor furniture. If you are after low-maintenance landscaping designs, it is best to reduce the amount of lawn you have by including flower beds where possible.

Or if you have no grass or flowerbeds whatsoever, PureModern’s commercial planters provide the perfect opportunity to showcase some greenery in an elegant fashion.

Adding pebbles in flower beds and around trees is also a fantastic method of ensuring your landscaping design looks clean and elegant all year round. Even a simple front yard landscaping plan will have a massive effect on the value and general appeal of your property.

When it comes to maintenance, tending to your yard at least once a week is necessary, although, you could consider having professionals tend to your yard for you to reduce the effort you need to invest.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most notable aspects of a shabby property is the condition of the outer wall paint on the home. Peeling and fading paint jobs are easily noticeable from the street and this unfortunate fact will degrade the value of your property significantly.

Painting your outside walls won’t cost all that much and the effort will definitely be worth it. You should make a point of repainting every two to three years as harsh weather can lead to shabby wall details.

Painting your outside walls won’t cost all that much and the effort will definitely be worth it. You should make a point of repainting every two to three years as harsh weather can lead to shabby wall details.

Front Yard Centerpiece

If you want your property to look gorgeous from the curb, you should consider the massive impact a front yard centerpiece, such as a large charming planter or an elegant water feature could have on the appeal of your home. You should place your chosen centerpiece in a visible area and ensure you are conducting regular maintenance, even if your chosen item only needs to be hosed down with some water every few weeks.

This approach is especially effective if you have a low front yard wall or fence, or no border, as the charming decor item will be clearly visible. In the event that you do have fencing or a low front yard wall, you should keep it painted in a tone that coordinates well with your outer wall paint choice.

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