How Much Does A Mirror Wall Cost For Your Home Decor?

When trying to decorate a home, a mirror is one great tool that can't be avoided. Not only is it used to know how someone looks, but it also serves as a means of beautifying a home. It is available in different sizes; the size of a mirror determines its price. A standard home will need the right decoration; such homes need a full-length mirror.


Full-length mirror has different names; the most common of the names is a floor mirror. Most of the time, a floor mirror usually has a supporting stand; this supporting stand is what helps it to reflect the entire body of a user, not just a particular section of the body.

The length of a mirror that one household prefers may not be the same length that another home wants; it depends on the height of the user and how the user wants it to stand.

Short and Long of a Full Length Mirror

Despite that your height is what will determine the size of the mirror you would like to have in your household, an average mirror must not be less than 34 inches tall. 

The average standard level for a full mirror is 34, 36, 40, and 48.  The longer a mirror, the closer a user can stand close to it to make you see your entire reflection. This factor is significant, most especially if you will be keeping it in an angle of your room that has limited space.

How Much is a Full Length Mirror Cost

No accessory like a computer and display that makes glass is as expensive as the glass itself. Let's take a look into the different parts that make a glass so that we can be able to judge the price of standard glass.


If you are looking to have a standard mirror, there won't be a need for you to get plexiglass. The best way to go about it is you buying a pane glass and adding mirror film to it, with this you have achieved a standard mirror. Large panes are no doubt expensive because of the size of the mirror and thickness.

For example, let's assume you are going for the size of 6mm thickness of 55x30 inches. The prices should be around $200, don't forget you will need a film; the amount for the film that will cover it is about $30. However, our best recommendation is Fab glass and mirror, where you can buy any type or any style of mirror in cheap price.


There is no way you can have a glass without a mirror, building a framework for your lens is not as expensive as it may seem to you. With materials like wood/paint/varnish, you might need to budget around $50 to $80 with the quality and overall size you look up to use. 

Make sure you go for a frame that is strong enough and can stand firmly against the wall that is why you need to spend money to get suitable materials as a frame for your glass.


If you are in a tight corner and find that you can spend much on getting a new display machine, an average used one costs approximately $80. Smaller display’s better used with giant mirror.  You will not have to worry yourself, filling up spaces remaining on your mirror content.


Depending on your choice, if you are not the type that want your smart mirror adding a lot of processor-intensive functions. A Raspberry Pi is the best for your smart mirror. A full set cost approximately $50 to $80 depending on the quality of the processor.

With all these calculations, a standard/full-length mirror is not supposed to cost more than between $400 to $3000 depending on the accessories you would like to add to it.


Do not forget that full-length mirrors have different makers, which means you can get it anywhere. One popular place you can go to get one is Amazon. You will come across different categories of a standard mirror with different prices.

However, there are cases that you will need a customized one; you definitely can't find the customized ones anywhere except if you approach the direct makers that are registered. While ordering online, be assured that you have contacted the right company that will give you your type of mirror. For whatever kind of mirror you want, you will be able to state the specifications you want, and they will provide you with any size you want.

In fact, up to the extent that you can negotiate price, unlike the ones you will find on e-commerce sites that you will have to bear the cost you come across, and you can't consult them. 

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