How can bidet save your health and preserve natural resources of the planet?

If you walk into a modern bathroom in certain parts of Europe or South America, you might set your sights on a bidet. Bidets are widespread in places like the Middle East and Asia, while western countries haven’t really caught on to them yet. This is quite an anomaly, considering the many benefits bidets provide. Here are some examples of perks that a bidet can provide you.


Better Hygiene

When you use a bidet, a stream of water will wash away any uncleanliness you have. Simply wiping it away with toilet paper will still leave some residue behind. Not to mention you’ll still feel dirty instead of feeling refreshed. Leftover residue also means you’ll have a higher chance of itching and irritation. It can exacerbate certain issues you already have.

Certain countries and cultures mandate that bidet be used because alternatives are considered unclean. This is the case in the Middle East, where just about every household has a bidet.

Bidet have tons of settings you can choose from. Every model is different and they have a range of useful features. Seat warming is one option, so you won’t be left out in the cold during the winter. There’s even an air-dry option that will let you dry off after cleaning yourself. No more stray water droplets on your pants.

Bidet Help Your Plumbing

Clogs are a common issue when it comes to toilets. They happen from time to time and there is only one culprit: toilet paper. You can get a clog in any pipe from your toilet to your sewer. Unclogging them is a hassle and there’s no reason for you to endure this hardship. A bidet has nothing that can cause a clog.

If there’s a blockage in your pipes, water can overflow and cause damage to your bathroom. To solve your problems, you’ll have to call in a professional, and plumbers can be quite costly. Why risk it when you can go for an alternative? At most you might use a bit of toilet paper to dry yourself after using a bidet. With an air-dry option, the amount of paper is reduced to zero. 

Waste less water

Cleanliness and pipe pass ability aren't the only benefit bidet have. They’re pretty good at keeping your water bill low. You might think this is counter intuitive. After all, bidet only use water to clean you. 

While this might be true, they also use a lot less than you might think. If you compare the amount of water spent by flushing a toilet and the amount used for washing yourself with a bidet, the bidet comes out on top.

Another factor to take into account is repeatedly flushing due to toilet paper build up. You’re going to be wasting way more water clearing lumps of toilet paper than you would have ever spent just using a bidet.

Good For Skin Care

It’s no secret that toilet paper isn’t the most comfortable cleaning tool. Even if it is high-quality three-ply paper, you’ll still find that it’s a bit too abrasive to rub on your skin. Especially in more sensitive areas. If you have any skin irritation, it’ll be even more uncomfortable to use. Warm water might be more pleasant, which is why a bidet might suit you better.

The temperature of the water won’t ever be an issue. If you prefer colder water, you’ll be glad to know that the temperature is adjustable. Someone with hemorrhoids will avoid toilet paper at all costs, for risk of harming blood vessels.

Cold water can help you soothe hemorrhoid pains and reduce irritation. Problems with anal itching are usually caused by the residue that isn't removed by toilet paper. A bidet would be a great solution for this. These are just some of the many health benefits of bidet, but there are more examples out there.

Saves The Trees

Bidets aren't all that spread out in the western world. People still prefer using toilet paper. The average person will use dozens of sheets of paper in a single day. When you combine that with the number of people using it, it adds to up to millions of rolls.

This means you have to cut down a lot of trees to keep those numbers up. Tree farms are sometimes used, but they only account for about half of the trees used.

Not only does toilet paper waste water when used, but it also wastes lots of water while being produced. Tens of millions of gallons are used to create toilet paper, which only adds to the environmental destruction it already causes. A bidet might use water to clean you, but it uses significantly fewer gallons than you might think.


There are hardly any downside for adding a bidet to your bathroom. They aren’t expensive, and installing them doesn’t cost much, either. They contribute to bettering your health and they help save the environment at the same time. Perhaps it’s time for the western world to catch up to the bidet.

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