YouTube Home Improvement Channels DIYers You Should Subscribe To

If you're here, you've either got a home project that you need some guidance in completing or you just have some time on your hands to watch others work on home projects.

Either way, we're here to help you with both of these. We've lined up the best home improvement channels for you to watch on YouTube.


Keep reading to find out the most informative and most interesting shows to watch when you're completing a project or just have some spare time on your hands.

House Improvements

If you're looking for a variety of how-to videos to help you complete your at-home projects, you should definitely watch House Improvements. This channel guides you through every little step for home projects, from how to use a tile saw to how to build a shed.

From little projects to big projects, this home improvement channel provides expert help through every single step. Larger projects are even broken down into several videos so that you don't miss out on any important steps.

FIX IT Home Improvement

The FIX IT Home Improvement channel is another great one to subscribe to. This home improvement channel has years of how-to videos from a former hardware store owner.

While plumbing is the YouTubers specialty, he covers a range of topics. He walks you through every single step of his repairs, renovations, and remodels.

This YouTube channel is great for all of you DIY homeowners who are looking for simple how-to guides on completing common projects throughout your home.

This Old House

This Old House is a home improvement channel that holds a few different formats for your DIY needs. This team of fixers covers DIY tutorials, frequently asked questions, material reviews, and working with tools.

The home improvement videos on this channel are set up similarly to television show episodes. A few topics are covered per show, but all of them are easy to follow.

From gardening to technology to carpentry to roofing, This Old House has it all when it comes to home renovation.

This YouTube channel is great for anyone who wants to sit back on the couch and Chromecast the videos from their laptop. If you're not sure how to Chromecast and you have a Mac computer, we have the solution for you:

DIY Network

Contrary to the name, the DIY Network is not just for DIYers. This YouTube channel takes a look at different areas of home improvement, home renovation, and home repair.

The DIY Network teaches its viewers how to do everything in the home, from painting your kitchen cabinets to waterproofing your basement. The home improvement channel even conducts house tours, completes outdoor DIYs, and has an entire playlist dedicated to various creative DIYers who are taking an unconventional approach to home renovation.

Ask the Builder

The YouTube channel by the name of Ask the Builder is great for people looking for specialized and often individually-tailored videos.

The host, Tim Carter, provides his suggestions for tools and recommendations for materials while covering whether you should even tackle a DIY project in the first place. As the name suggests, he does often create his videos in response to questions his audience has asked.

His videos are more fast-paced than others we've discussed, but he still gives clear direction.

DIY Hip Chicks

If you're looking for a little bit of empowerment, DIY Hip Chicks is the way to go, especially if you're a woman looking to get some projects done around the house. This YouTube channel is also great for anyone who has no idea what they're doing when it comes to completing at-home projects.

The topics on this channel cover everything done to the specifics like installing a light fixture or putting in a USB electrical outlet.

Her videos are not gender-specific, but she did start the channel with women in mind.

I Like to Make Stuff​​​​

While this home improvement channel is not geared towards beginners, it is one of the more interesting channels to watch.

With videos on building closet doors or making a secret bookcase, I Like to Make Stuff is one of the more unique YouTubers. He even does a few videos on random jobs like making a wooden sword and building a cyborg's arm.

Home & Garden for Mere Mortals

For a wider variety of at-home videos, check out Home & Garden for Mere Mortals, a home improvement YouTube channel run by Steve Ramsey.

In these videos, he covers the widest variety we've discussed so far. Ramsey goes as far as to address domestic animal husbandry.

As the name suggests, he covers both home and garden projects. This is another channel that does go over the basics. He even covers how to unclog the toilet.

Home Repair Tutor

The Home Repair Tutor covers everything from basic lessons to in-home inspiration. With videos from home remodeling to home repair, The Home Repair Tutor offers up simple instructions that you can follow as a beginner or an expert.

Whether you glance at their five-minute quick tips or indulge in twenty-five-minute detailed projects, the Home Repair Tutor is bound to have the right video for you.

This home improvement channel covers electric, carpentry, plumbing, and other topics. They also cover recommendations for improving your home.

Our final recommendation for home improvement channels to watch is the YouTube channel This channel is perfect for people who need step-by-step directions or quick tips.

From DIY videos to how-to videos, this home improvement channel covers design ideas and product suggestions while providing a constant stream of home renovation inspiration.

These videos are perfect for the homeowner who doesn't know what they're doing or how to start. The guidance from is perfect for helping you find what to do next and how to do it.

Start Watching Those Home Improvement Channels

Now that we've gone over exactly what these different channels are for and what kind of renovators they are more geared towards, take your pick and go on with watching.

We're confident that these fantastic home improvement channels will have everything and anything you need for your home projects.

Feel free to check out more of our home recommendations and ideas.

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