Ideas for Cool Home Decorating with Rugs

Rugs are an ideal way to add warmth and style to your home. They can be used under couches, in living rooms, or even outside on the patio. 


There is such a wide variety of styles and colors out there that it may seem challenging to find one that suits your needs. Many people underestimate the power of a rug. They say that it just sits there on the ground, doing nothing. But this couldn't be farther from the truth! 

Rugs can make or break your home decorating project, and you don't have to spend big bucks to get a good-looking one either! If you are trying to find ideas for cool home decorating with area rugs, this blog post is perfect. We will go over some popular trends in design and how they can help improve your space without breaking the bank. 

Get ready because we're about to talk about creative ways to use wool rugs in your home decorating projects today!

Woven Stitch Rugs

Home decor is all about the details. And woven stitch rugs are all about more information too! These beautiful, handcrafted art pieces can be found in many different shapes and sizes to suit any style or need. 

They are also a popular choice when you're looking for something with an "organic" feel that will tie your space together nicely. But these beauties don't come cheap! The woven style of these rugs is a very time-intensive process, which means they'll cost more. They are also timeless pieces of art that can be passed down for generations. 

Whatever your style, there is a woven rug out there for you! And it's never too late to spruce up the space you spend most of your time in. Give yourself something nice and relaxing to come home every day after work or school because life is meant to enjoy every moment we have with our family and friends!

Braided Jute Rugs 

If you're looking for something more affordable and a little less time-consuming than weaving, then braided jute rugs may be the perfect solution. 

These are also handcrafted in rural India by talented families who depend on this income to survive while preserving their traditional life. Jute is also an eco-friendly material! They are soft and smooth compared to other natural fiber rugs. 

Jute is a plant that grows in wet, marshy ground and can grow up to 25 feet tall! And the rugs are all handmade, which means they are one-of-a-kind! This rug is woven by hand using both natural and synthetic materials. The look of the fabric weave changes with each step in its construction process, making it an ideal design to complement any decor setting in your home.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

Rugs are created in many techniques, but the most well-known is hand-knotted. Hand knotting is a laborious process where long pieces of thread are folded in half, then knotted to create intricate patterns and designs. 

Although this technique requires more time than other techniques like weaving or tufting, it's worth the effort due to its rich texture and beautiful design. Most of the time, these rugs are one-of-a-kind and handmade. They are prone to imperfections, so the more you learn about them, the better. 

All chobi rugs are made with wool, and each rug has a different color palette that is prevalent in the countries where they are typically made.

Shaggy Textures

Shaggy and fringes are both cool designs that add a bohemian vibe to any space. The irregular and imprecise cutting of these rugs add an exciting texture to your home decor as well, giving you plenty of inspiration in the form of unique furniture pieces or clothing items. 

Shaggy is also very durable and resistant to wear, which is perfect for busy households. The design symbol of the 1920s is now in the interior trend again, and it is nice to see the classic style with a modern twist. They are soft and long fibrous to the touch with a chunky and textured pile. 

Shaggy-textured rugs are perfect for modern homes or spaces that want to be more on the rustic side, but there are plenty of other cool rug designs out there if this isn't what you're looking for!

Handwoven Rugs

Whether you are looking for a traditional rug or one that will add to your more contemporary aesthetic, handwoven rugs have it all. These rugs are available in every shape and size imaginable, so there is no shortage of options when choosing an ideal design. 

Handwoven rugs vary in thickness but generally offer a soft and luxurious touch. These rugs come in a variety of color schemes and patterns to suit any taste.

Weave Rugs

The weave rug is an iconic shape that will never go out of style, no matter the trend. These rugs have a variety of colors to match any interior design preference, so you're bound to find one or two that are just right for your space! 

The pile height varies on these rugs, but they generally offer a comfortable, soft touch. The weaving process is what creates each rug's unique personality, so it should come as no surprise that there are countless styles to choose from! The simplest weave style would be the cut and loop pile which offers an unassuming charm with its simple design.

Ethnic Patterns

Ethnic patterns and designs are a great way to bring texture, color, and character into your home. Bold patterns like the striped rug provide an easy but sophisticated look, while more subtle patterned rugs offer a chic approach that can be mixed with other decor styles for a trendy finish. 

These are a combination of the pattern and color that will best complement the interior design of your space. For example, if you have a primarily neutral palette in all four walls and furniture, then an earthy hue like oatmeal, a light beige, or tan will work nicely with the neutral look. 

You can also create an eclectic and dynamic space by mixing patterns of different colors, such as traditional Moroccan designs in deep blue-greens alongside contemporary geometric shapes in bright fuchsia pink. Utilizing your rug to pull textures together is key to creating an inviting and balanced living space. 

Try selecting solid-colored rugs to complete the ensemble in your bedroom or dining room to create a more traditional look. To make your decor seem light and airy, choose a more lightweight rug that is not too busy with patterns for these spaces and any other indoor area of the home.

Tribal Beauties

The most famous tribal rug is the Persian style. There are many different varieties of tribal rugs, including Turkoman, Kurdish and Uzbek carpets. The artisans who make these beautiful pieces work in traditional workshops using all-natural materials such as wool dyed with plant dyes or vegetable-based pigments to create a wide array of color variations. 

If you are looking for something more traditional, a Persian rug may be what you need. The fields in these rugs can vary from one to six inches wide, and they usually have symmetrical patterns of repeating motifs such as geometric shapes, animals, or flowers. They are a colorful addition to any room.

On a Nutshell

We hope you found our blog post on cool home decor ideas with ziegler rugs informative and exciting. With a rug, it's easy to create the perfect atmosphere in any room of your house. Our team at RugKnots can help you find high-quality products that will make your space feel warm and inviting for guests. For more information about how we can be of service or any questions, please contact us today!

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