Add a Home Bar To Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you love hosting backyard barbecues?
What about sitting around a firepit sharing drinks and memories with your family and friends? 


Having a dedicated outdoor space for entertaining is a dream for many homeowners. There are numerous ways to outfit your outdoor space from patios and decks to fire pits and barbecues. Of course, no outdoor living space is complete without a home bar!

Adding a home bar to your outdoor living space is easier than you think. You can install a simple, barebones outfit or an extravagant corner with all the amenities you’d find in a real bar. The only limit is your imagination...and your budget.

Choose a Space

Maybe you already know where your bar should go, or perhaps you need inspiration. If you’re struggling to figure out how to make your backyard bar dreams a reality, we’ve got some suggestions.

  • Modify or remodel a shed or large playhouse.
  • Build a bar and shelter onto your existing deck.
  • Repurposed materials from other projects, like pallets, reclaimed wood, and scrap metal.
  • Craft a fold-up bar with old shelves and scrap wood.
  • Convert a corner of your garage or expand it to accommodate a bar.

Of course, you can always go all out and hire a contractor to remodel part or all of your backyard. Hiring a professional to revamp your space and install a fully functional bar may cost more, but it will be done correctly. 

Pick a Theme Design the Space

Close your eyes and picture your backyard bar. What do you see? From tiki torches and grass skirts to a sleek, sophisticated bar with mixed stones and metal accents, it’s a good idea to plan your theme in advance.

Maybe you have a bar sign or custom piece that will serve as the focal point for your bar. Perhaps you spent years collecting unique bottle caps to craft a custom bar. Whatever your theme, it helps to sketch out an idea of what you want the finished bar to look like.

Create a Detailed Layout and Design

With your themed sketch in hand, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Unless you hire a contractor to assist you, this part is all on you.

Take exact measurements, look for power outlets, and identify barriers. It is important to measure everything, including doorways and gateways, to ensure you can get all materials into your space. Don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Water access if you plan to have a sink or plumbing of any kind.
  • Outlets for power if you plan to use things like lights, a blender, or a kegerator.
  • Height or width restrictions from things like overhangs, ceilings, and branches.

Don’t forget to measure the total area. It won’t do well to have a 45-inch bar picked out for a 42-inch space. Further, accurate measurements ensure you don’t run short of materials or over-buy them.

Prepare the Space

No matter what you came up with during the theme and design phase, you can expect to do a little work on the space before you start building. Starting with a solid foundation is critical to keeping your bar up and running for years to come. 

Handle any deck repairs, concrete fixes, or new pavement before you start building. Even if you plan to DIY the bar, you may want to have a professional assess the space for stability and handle any repairs.

Bring in access mats to protect your yard against heavy traffic, especially if you need to move in large equipment or heavy materials. Without construction mats to protect your lawn, you could end up having to dump more money and time into landscaping repairs.

Additionally, if you have a contractor or other professionals working on your space, ask them how they plan to protect your trees and bushes. Ideally, they would offer to use access mats to avoid damaging your landscaping. 

Decor, Stocking, and More

Depending on your theme, amenities, and drinking preferences, you may already have everything you need. However, having a personalized, fully stocked bar is the key to successful entertaining, right?

Decorating and stocking is the fun part. You can keep it simple with a fridge full of beer and a few bottles of liquor. Maybe you should pick a signature wine such as a good Cabernet Sauvignon to have on hand for special guests.  Or, you could go all out with a dedicated bar back complete with upscale brands. 

Don’t forget the personal touches, like custom glassware and personalized napkins or coasters!

Final Thoughts

If you love entertaining outdoors, then a backyard bar is an ideal addition. It can lead to hours of bonding and memory-making with loved ones. Additionally, if it’s done properly, a backyard bar can increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to prospective buyers in the future. 

Abigail Jones

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