Things to Know Before Getting Ceramic Coating in Sydney 

The people of Sydney love their cars, as per the available statistics. According to data, almost 85% of the households owned one car, with many owning two and even three cars.


As a car owner in Sydney (or, for that matter, anywhere else), you should keep it shiny, glossy, and in top condition. However, a basic factory paint does not offer protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, bug splatters, bird droppings, brake dust, and other contaminants. 

The best solution is to find a company that provides ceramic coating Sydney with an experienced and trained team of applicators.

There are several benefits of getting a coating of this type, particularly if it's supported by nanotechnology. Besides pollutants, it keeps your vehicle free from chemical stains, which is not something regular paint protection does. 

But before you find a company that specialises in car paint protection and ceramic coating, here is some information you will find helpful.

Reasons Behind Getting Ceramic Paint Protection

Protection Against Natural Elements

Despite taking the utmost precaution, your vehicle's exterior remains vulnerable to damage from bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and other contaminants. If you are in Sydney, the chances of being affected by these factors are higher compared to other cities.

For example, Sydney is home to about 365 bird species. While that's great for bird lovers and the ecosystem, their droppings cause considerable damage to the vehicle's paint. Bird droppings contain uric acid, which has corrosive properties with pH levels between 3 and 4.5.

Prevents Damage from UV Radiation

Australia's UV radiation is the highest worldwide, and Sydney is no exception, as it records an average UV index of 12 between December and January. 

Radiation strips the car's paint through a process called oxidation, giving it an appearance similar to bleaching. It also causes the paint to peel, making your vehicle look worn out.

The best protection from this harmful natural element is a nanoceramic technology coating. It contains chemicals that act as UV stabilisers, preventing the onset of photodegradation, which occurs when the sun's rays break down the chemical bonds inside a polymer.

Easy to Maintain

Getting a ceramic coating removes the necessity of having your car detailed repeatedly, which costs between 300 AUD to 500 AUD, which is an expensive deal by all accounts.

Because of the hydrophobic effects of the substance, any dirt, grease, grime, or water that collects on the surface quickly rolls off without leaving marks or stains behind. 

However, you might have to wash it occasionally using a pH-neutral shampoo, sponge or microfiber washing mitt.

Can You Apply the Coating Yourself?

It is better to avoid applying the paint protection yourself as the entire process is extremely delicate. Most workshops or companies in Sydney have qualified, insured, and trained professionals called applicators who apply the paint after inspecting your vehicle.

Does It Come With a Lifetime Warranty?

Most applicators in Sydney usually offer a lifetime guarantee for the coating because its nanoceramic properties enable it to attach permanently to the paint without peeling or staining for many years. 

However, it's a good idea to ask the company about the terms and conditions, applicable vehicles, and other details related to the guarantee.

You should find an experienced, trustworthy, and reliable workshop offering ceramic coating in Sydney because it provides the best protection for your vehicle. Your car retains its shiny appearance while being protected from pollutants and contaminants.

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