10 Gardening Tools and Their Uses for Beginners: All You Need To Know

If you are planning to start your gardening and cat figure out which tools to buy and do, then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of 10 gardening tools for beginners and their uses.  From gardening tillers, edger, garden hoe to pruning shears among others.


Gardening can be challenging, especially when you do not have the right tools. And this is where beginners run into trouble. Before you could spend on any tool, you need to be well informed on which ones you will need.  If you are wondering which tools to invest in, here are 10 gardening tools for beginners.

Garden Hoe

Among the oldest gardening tools is a garden hoe. You will need the tool to weed and spread compost in your garden. The type of hoe you will need for your garden depends on the type of gardening that you do. If you are doing vegetables, then you will need a hoe with a broader blade.

However, if your garden contains flowers, which are a bit delicate, then you will need to buy a garden hoe that can handle the delicate plants.

A garden hoe is a versatile and must-have tool for every beginner. Better still; it saves on space and the need of having to invest in different tools.

A Wheelbarrow

You will need a wheelbarrow to carry soil and compost that you need when planting. You can also use it to carry all the other tools that you will need to use in the garden. A wheelbarrow can also carry water that will need to use in watering the garden when there is no rain.

Also, when taking care of your pants, you are likely to prune some of the branches, and it might be hard to carry them around. You can use the wheelbarrow to carry the branches and other wastes that you get in your garden as you carry out maintenance.

Gardening Tiller

A garden tiller is very important when you want to improve the fertility of your garden. The tiller is used to turn the soil and aerate it so that plants can get the nutrients they need. Soil aeration allows essential nutrients and gases to reach plant roots that you can have healthy plants in your garden.

A gardening tiller can be of great help when you are cultivating a garden that is larger than 300 square meters in size.

Soil Knife

A soil knife is a versatile tool that can be used to dig the soil and also prune the plants. The device can be used when planting and cutting the small branches that you do not need on the plants. The knife has a serrated blade on both ends, which makes it usable over a long duration.

You can use one side of the blade, and when it becomes blunt, you can turn to the other side to avoid sharpening after a short duration.

Pruning Shears

Once you have planted whatever you are interested in, you have to keep pruning them so that they attain the shape they should have. Pruning shears ensure that you prune the unwanted branches without interfering with the plant. Trimming requires a lot of cutting, which can only be done using specified equipment like the pruning shears.

Using your hands to harvest can interfere with your plants. A pruning shear comes in handy at such times. You can utilize it to harvest the herbs, fruits and vegetables. You can also use the tool to cut down the plants and make a compost pile in preparation for the next gardening season.

Hose and Spray Nozzles

Garden maintenance requires that you water the plants and also apply herbicides in times of need. A hose and spray nozzle will be of great importance to accomplish this. While you can opt to use a watering can, it is not ideal for more extensive gardens. And this is where a garden hose comes in handy.

An adjustable spray nozzle will be of great importance when you want to water your seedlings which need controlled water pressure. You can as well use a combination of the garden hose and a spray nozzle to water your follower bushes.

Garden Shovel

Once your seedlings are ready in the nursery, you will need to transfer them to the garden where they will grow to be mature plants. In case you do not have a proper tool to get them off the nursery, you might lose some of the roots, and this can minimize their chances of survival in the garden. A garden shovel is specially made to properly remove the seedlings without interfering with their roots when transplanting.


From its name, an edge is used to create a good garden edge that separates the garden from the grass and a sidewalk. As a beginner, you might not know how to create garden edges in the best way without making use of this tool. An Edger also helps you to keep a high level of tidiness between your garden and the grass.

Leaf Rakes

As the plants become more mature, you should expect a lot of leaf fall. This will increase during winter when plants shed off excess leaves. When such happens, you still want to keep your garden clean, and you might not succeed in picking them up by using your hands. Leaf rakes help you to collect the fallen leaves without interfering with the soil.

Garden Gloves

As you engage in different activities in your garden, you may not wish to make your hands dirty. Many people hate dirt, and it is the reason most of them do not take part in gardening. You can buy gardening gloves to keep your hands off the dirt when engaging in your gardening activities.

Wrapping Up

Most beginners always feel that gardening is hectic simply because they can’t figure out the tools to use. But once you know the essential tools required by a gardener and you can use them well, then gardening becomes enjoyable. The tools in this list are the basic ones for any beginner. You can add more as you become more experienced in gardening.

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