Top Fun DIY Projects for this Rainy Weekend

Drinking your yummy spiced pumpkin latte, cuddled up with a cosy blanket and good book whilst looking out the window at the golden and red treetops? Autumn is upon us!


This means rainier weather and fewer sunny days to enjoy. Remember those DIY projects you have been meaning to do all year? What better time is there than now to roll them out?

Need some ideas for inspiration? Here are a few to get you going:

Fun with Lego Blocks

Who said that only children can have fun with Lego bricks? Hey, you have the same rights as an adult! Let out your inner child and have some fun with these brilliant building blocks by creating something completely creative. How about you construct an iPhone dock for your smartphone?

Believe us, this is going to blow the minds of the designers over at Apple and have them vying for the trademark rights to your innovative invention. You will need a top section, a base and a cable holder. It is actually quite simple.

If you need specific instructions, there are plenty of tutorial videos with easy guidelines available on Youtube. With step by step directions, there is no way you will go wrong in your endeavour to build your new iPhone dock.

Craft a Boiler Cover

As much as we love them, boilers are not the most attractive part of our homes. After all, they do not compliment a room’s beauty. How about dressing it up or concealing it to add value to your home? You could either put a small curtain over it or a piece of pretty fabric to hide it.

If that does not appeal to you, come up with a nice frame to go around your boiler and use a bit of chalkboard paint to cover it up. This will give it a nice holding place whilst concealing it. Just make sure that you invest in a great boiler insurance policy to protect your boiler’s maintenance. Take a look Corgi Home plan now to discover some great deals!

Jazz Up an Old Fridge

Got an old fridge lying around and considering discarding it? Well mate, if you have the space in your home, do not let it go just yet as we have a wicked idea what you can do with it! You can transform it into your dream food dehydrator! These babies cost quite a bit of money in the actual market.

Mind you, this project will take up quite a bit of your time and keep you busy. There will be technical aspects to it and you may have to constantly consult educational material online.

What are those technical parts that we are referring to? Well, it involves stuff like inserting light bulbs and computer fans once you have prepared the fridge interior for it. However, once you complete the project, you will feel a great sense of achievement and feel happy about it!

Turntable Anyone?

Remember those Sony Walkman players that were super popular once upon a time? Depending on what year you were born, we bet you owned one some time and have fond memories of it! If you still got it gathering dust somewhere, why not turn it into a turntable?

Yes, you will have to be a bit of a DIY expert to do this as it will require you performing some rewiring and soldering. We have faith in you and know you can do it!

Portable Sausage BBQ Maker

What if we told you that you could make hot dogs anywhere, anytime, whilst on the go? All it takes is a used beer can and comes with a little area to hang your mini tongs. It will require some additional hardware parts and a wire coat hanger. Just look up the instructions on Youtube and enjoy a delicious hot dog as you ride the bus.

Funky Wine Shelf

Why not show off your beautiful wine collection on a charming, rustic wine rack made out of wooden pallets? It will look like it came right out of a French farmhouse.  You can take wooden pallets, add several mounting points and insert plenty of your precious wine bottles within it. Hey, you can even add a compartment for your gorgeous wine glasses!

So, what will you require to create this beautiful wine rack? You will need a drill, pallet wood, sandpaper, a hammer and some nails. Just look up how to do it online and you will receive step by step instructions. The best part? It will not take up too much of your weekend!

Make Your own Drinks

Desire something a bit more challenging? How about making your own drinks at home? Sure, brewing beer would be pretty awesome! But that is a bit technical if you are just starting out. How about you start your homemade drinking adventure with some mead? What is mead, you ask? Essentially, mead is honey and water. Psst, it is beyond delicious!

You will require a container for fermentation- this can be a big water bottle from with a hole pierced at its top or a glass even. Along with some pectin, stabiliser, yeast and bits here and there, you are good to get started. The directions apply the basic principles of science to build this vessel.

When you look it up, you will see that there may be a chart to help guide you. What would it show? It will probably show the volume of honey to be added along with an approximate usage of ABV. Depending on your preference for taste, you can adjust the acidity and fermentation accordingly. Do not worry my friend, there will be instructions included on how to do this.

DIY Condiment Holder

Okay, making a condiment holder for your favourite condiment is not the easiest DIY but would help hone a lot of your building skills along the way. If you possess even basic woodworking skills, the outcome will make you super happy! It will be a brilliant addition to your next summer barbeque gig.

Not only that, it will add a decorative, personal touch to your kitchen or to your dining table. Consider doing this and enjoy compliments from your friends and family who come to break bread at your table!

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