6 Important Fireplace Maintenance Tips: All You Need To Know

During icy cold winters, a fireplace can be a thriving heat source that keeps your power bill ideally low and your home a cozy place to be. What's more, a fireplace also offers a very particular sense of comfort.


But even so, you'll need to invest some time and funds towards fireplace maintenance. Otherwise, your fireplace won't work as it should.

So, we've listed a few vital fireplace maintenance tips that you need to know to properly prepare your home for winter.

Inspect The Exterior

It's pretty important to ensure the exterior of your fireplace is intact. Check if the chimney is leaning and look for chipped bricks and masonry joints. In addition, look for cracks, holes, and any other visible issues. Often, a visual inspection is enough to identify chimney repair needs.

Replace The Chimney Cap

After visually inspecting the chimney, replacing or installing a chimney cap is worthwhile. This can minimize damage caused by instances of rain, snow, and even wildlife nesting in this area of your home.

Search For Leaks And Stains Around The Chimney

Inspect thoroughly around the chimney inside your home as well. Be vigilant for signs of dampness or stains. If you note any signs of potential water damage or moisture around the chimney, it's essential to consult a professional service right away to prevent further costly damages.

Test The Thermal Fan Or Draw Collar

A thermal fan or draw collar are valuable fireplace installations that will prevent your home from becoming engulfed in smoke bellows while your fireplace is in use.

Nevertheless, it's still essential to check that your smoke solution is working correctly. These devices create a draw to pull smoke out before it fills up your home.

Check The Flue

The flue is a passage or vertical duct which runs from the fireplace box to the top of the chimney. This component is vital for smoke to escape from the firebox.

The flue is located behind the clean-out door in your basement or outside your house. You will also need a small mirror and a flashlight to inspect the flue. Keep an eye out for soot buildup, cracks, and holes when checking this vital fireplace component.

Keep It Clean

Lastly, it's also essential to keep your fireplace clean. It can be a time-consuming task to clean out a fireplace after use, although it's imperative you do to avoid damages that stem from this sort of neglect. It's also wise to rely on a professional chimney cleaning service twice a year to keep all components of your fireplace clean and in functional order.

Fireplace maintenance is essential. But with this, when winter starts approaching, it's also vital to consider energy efficiency as a priority. Science confirms that the Earth has an estimated 11 years to halt climate change. Therefore, it's imperative to use eco-friendly methods to stay warm

Whether you decide to dress in warmer clothing, insulate your home better, or use energy-efficient heating solutions, it's critical to consider power consumption for environmental care.

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