5 Essential Precautions When Upgrading Your Home

The emergency rooms are full every spring and summer of people who get injured carrying out some form of home repairs and upgrades. This doesn’t mean that DIY home improvements are unsafe, it just means that homeowners become lenient and think that nothing bad will happen to them in the comfort of their home.


Although you are not employed on a conventional large-scale construction site, upgrading your home doesn’t come without its perils. Some of them are easily treatable, like neck pain, while others can be more severe and could put you off your feet for some time.

That is why it is essential to take at least these 5 essential precautions when doing home construction work. They will ensure that you don’t repair a roof for two hours and then spend the next two months limping with one leg in plaster.

Placing The Ladder Correctly

For any type of work at height, like cleaning or mending the gutters, you need a ladder. They are handy but they are also responsible for a lot of accidents because people don’t install them into place correctly. First of all, the base of the ladder has to be placed on firm, even ground to prevent them from sinking in or sliding away.

Furthermore, you have to use a ladder of the appropriate size for the height you want to climb and make sure that they are welded well. The steps, especially if they are made from wood, need to be sturdy enough to hold your weight, so inspect that they aren’t rotten in any place.

Be Careful When Using Power Tools

Ever since power tools made their way into our homes, repairs have become super easy. However, they have to be properly looked after and manipulated with great care. Read the safety label before using them and turn them off the very instant you are finished using them. Also, power tools should be stored in a locked container or a room so as to prevent children from finding them.

For kids, they are just bright toys and God knows what might happen if they plug them in. Also, don’t leave them lying around just anywhere and never carry a power tool by the cord or yank them by the cord from the outlet.

Take Care Of Your Extremities

There are all kinds of freak accidents happening but in reality, your arms and legs are the most vulnerable parts of your body. The foot and the hand should be taken special care of, as they are body parts that more than often pay for that one moment you weren’t attentive.

A construction site is a dangerous place to tread through, as you can slip, step onto a nail or hit your pinky against an edge. That is why proper footwear is essential and steel cap boots are really a necessity rather than a luxury.

Also, if you are doing any repairs above your height, always wear a safety helmet. Furthermore, a pair of gloves will add protection to your fingers which are vulnerable on their own.

Wear Proper Clothing

Proper work clothing does not consist only of steel cap boots, goggles, helmets, and gloves. They are all additional protective measures that function properly only if you are wearing the right clothes. Needless to say, you can’t work in your shorts, wearing jewellery or drooping sleeves, as all of these are fashion statements and not proper clothes.

Overalls are an ideal piece of garment for home repairs so be sure to get a pair. Also, depending on the job requirements, you can pair them up with a pair of safety goggles and earplugs if the noise is too loud for you.

Be Prepared For Cases Of Emergency

Even if you adhere to all safety measures, accidents still might occur due to factors that are beyond your control. That is why you should be prepared for all eventualities and always have a first aid kit near at hand. If you are working in a remote area, memorize the number of the local hospital in case you need help right away.

Also, plan the course of action in case of the emergency; from not panicking to letting your family know that you are ok. Google issues such as extinguishing a fire at its initial stages or giving CPR, these preparations might just save your or your family member’s life.

Finally, don’t forget to put safety high on the home improvement list. By taking care of your own well-being and staying focused, you are preventing possible injuries from happening.



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