All You Need to Know About Electric Floor Heating

An energy-efficient and affordable way of keeping your home warm is using electric floor heating systems. 


In most homes, these electric in-floor heating systems are installed in commonly used rooms such as the kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. However, they are a great option in rooms that are hard to heat using conventional air heating systems like basements.

Benefits of Electric In-Floor Heating

These floors are easy to install and durable. They can be installed on various floor types including vinyl, tile, floating laminate, and hardwood, to name a few. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a floor heating system.

Comfort: The main reason for installing electric floor heating is comfort. It is a simple yet effective way of keeping your feet and home warm.

Affordability: Installing electric floor heating is quite inexpensive especially if you do it when installing a new floor or renovating. Unlike heating systems that use water (hydronic), they do not need costly equipment such as water heaters and pumps.

Energy-Saving: Electric floor heating has higher energy efficiency levels than other systems. This is because they provide heat directly to you using infrared heat. Additionally, they are very cost-effective to run. For instance, heating a typical bathroom will cost you pennies a day.

Clean Heating: Using electric in-floor heating systems ensures you have very clean heating. This is because it does not use air that is forced from outside into the rooms. This air can introduce dust, allergens, and other impurities.

Heat Retention: Most electric floor heating systems are submerged in thermal floor masses such as ceramic tiles or between cement boards. This results in high heat retention even after you have turned off the power.

Saves Space and is Discreet: Electric radiant underfloor heating systems give you a discreet solution to heating your floor. In its operational state, it is difficult to notice it. Additionally, it does not take up any space in your house because it is incorporated into the floor.

Ease of Installation: Electric systems are the easiest to install of all radiant floor heating systems. They are DIY-friendly especially in new constructions or when remodeling.

Types of Electric Floor Heating

Depending on the kind of floor you want to heat, there are various types of electric in-floor heating systems you can install.

Loose Cable

Though it is the cheapest way to heat your floor, it is just as effective as other heating systems. The cable comes in a spool and may take you a while to position and install.

Solid Mats

While they are the easiest electric floor heating systems to install, they are more expensive than the others. The heating cable is completely covered in synthetic fabric, metal foil, or plastic sheeting. Unlike the other types, you do not have to embed it.

Mesh Mats

Here, the heating cable is already interwoven into a plastic mesh. All you have to do is spread the mesh and staple or glue it to the floor. Finally, you can embed the mesh and cable.

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