Using Sustainable Eco-Friendly Products To Maintain Your Garden

Breaking through the soil and creating a garden is one of the best ways you can give back to the environment. But many of the benefits of gardening are negated by the environmental impact some of the products cause. The use of lumber for raised beds, fences and trellises is unsustainable, whilst petroleum-based fertilisers damage eco-systems and wildlife habitats.

Here is a list of gardening sustainable eco-friendly products/ideas to get you started on an earth-friendly garden.


Recycled Plastic Raised Beds

The use of recycled plastic has become increasingly popular in garden design. These plastic railroad ties are not only more environmentally friendly than wood, they are also more durable and weather resistant. Wood-based raised beds begin to deteriorate after a couple of years, as one side is exposed to the sun, whilst the other is rotted by the moist soil.

plastic botle garden

Raised beds are easy to assemble, suit the natural environment, and are available in a variety of shapes, colours and heights! They give an amazing look and feel to your garden. If your entire aim is to enhance the overall appearance of your house by creating a perfect garden then make sure that you use recycled plastic raised beds.

Recycled Footpath and Driveway Grids

Carrying on with the recycled plastic theme – these durable footpath and driveway grids are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to brick, tarmac and concrete. These toughened grids are , easy to install with lightweight and provide perfect gravel grid surface stability.

At the fraction of the price of other materials, the footpath and driveway grids are also SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant, meaning water will drain through like a filter and naturally flows into the water table.

Organic Soils

Organic soils can do wonders for your garden’s plants and crops, they contain organic matter which is rich in many valuable nutrients and minerals. It also affords some mechanical advantages to your garden too. The organic amendment makes the soil less likely to pack and improves soil drainage. So that your garden will break up easily for planting.

organic soil

Rain-Harvesting Systems

Rain-harvesting systems provide water that is much better for the garden than mains. Rainwater is naturally soft and chlorine-free, so it is ideal for plants and ponds. Gardening rain-harvesting systems can be installed above or below ground depending on available space and personal preference. Below ground systems are more discrete and keep the water cooler, whilst above ground systems are less costly and take up more space.

Rain-Harvesting Systems

Bamboo Stakes

Every gardener should have a few bundles of bamboo stakes in their garden shed. This versatile product is a great renewable alternative to plastic or metal trellises. They are perfect for supporting vulnerable or flimsy plants, whilst blending naturally into the environment.

Bamboo Stakes

You can find bamboo stakes at most hardware stores and garden centres all year round.

So, if you want to create a beautiful garden wherein you can read a nice book and enjoy your morning and evening tea, don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned tips. If you’re looking for professional help, call up Stockton arborists for garden care.

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