8 Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Patio of Yours

Warm weather is the perfect time to focus on making your outdoors as comfortable and attractive as possible. The patio is the place where people usually gather when they want to enjoy the sun and relax, so now would be the time to start considering what can be done to make a perfect patio for your home and what mistakes to avoid.



Mind The Design

You need to have in mind the style of your home and the surroundings of the patio if you want the design to work. First, the size of the patio needs to be appropriate to what you wish the patio to serve for. There is no need for a large-sized patio if you want only intimate gatherings. On the other hand, if you enjoy big parties, then a big patio will provide enough space for your guests.

The levelness of the patio is another factor - the surface of the patio should be leveled and firm, especially if it's on the lawn - that way it won't be spongy after the rain.

Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Patio of Yours

Decide On The Right Style

When you are aware of the style of your home, the style of the patio won't be too much of a problem - you can follow the same style by using similar design elements, like the colors and the furniture.

Of course, you need to bear in mind that every patio is supposed to be open and airy, but also providing a certain amount of privacy from the outside world.

Create A Sense Of Privacy

Privacy is an important factor on its own - the patio is actually an outdoor living room, so use the existing walls of the house or the garage to hide the patio from the prying eyes. Don't completely surround the patio with walls, only the parts that are open for the rest of the world.

Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Patio of Yours

Use Vertical Space

Vertical space often gets forgotten, even though it has much potential, especially if you don't have a lot of space to work with. Carefully planned and used vertical space can not only add to the aesthetic part of the patio, but also make the patio look richer and bigger. Choose plants and herbs that grow vertically and make a good use of the wall nearby - it's better to allow climbers to cover it.


Don't Go Cheap With The Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is supposed to withstand different weather conditions like rain and bright sunshine, so there is no point in trying to economize too much when buying it. You need furniture made of a long-lasting material that won't be worn out after a couple of months due to sun exposure and rain. In the long run, high-quality furniture will save you money because it will last for many years.

Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Patio of Yours

Don't Move Away Too Far From The House

The patio should serve as a connection between the house and the garden, so it would be a mistake to build it too far away from the house. Having the patio close to the house has certain advantages - it's always in your sight, reminding you to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Also, it's easier to bring out the food and drinks from the kitchen if the patio is only a few steps away.

Don't Forget Weather Protection

Being outdoors frequently and for a long time means having to protect yourself from weather conditions. There is no need to deny yourself some fresh air just because it's drizzling outside or the sun is too bright. The easiest solution is to install some quality retractable awnings that you can spend your day outside no matter what the weather is.

Don't Neglect Additional Features

Every element on the patio serves the purpose of making it more comfortable or attractive, and there are numerous elements to do just that, such as:

Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Patio of Yours
  • Fire pit: Looking at the fire instantly makes space feel cozy and relaxing. It can be the centerpiece no matter what the season is.
  • Grill: Having an outdoor grill allows you to cook outside without having to be isolated in the kitchen while everybody else is having fun.
  • Statues: These pieces of art can easily inspire a spirited conversation among your guests.
  • Lighting: If properly positioned, it can make any evening outside magical.
  • Water fountain: The sound of water it makes brings a sense of calmness and serenity.

The patio makes a great contribution to your outdoor space, and this space is the reflection of you and your home. No need then to highlight the importance of careful planning of a perfect patio before you get on to it.



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