50 DIY Home Project Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

Decorating home is a favorite passion of many and is one of the most searched topics online. Whether it is renovating your house or doing up your new living space, a lot of thought has to go into every aspect to make your dream come true. If you are not aware, there are millions of websites with interesting DIY blogs and articles that can come handy for all your home improvement problems.

In no particular order, here I am compiling a list of 50 DIY Home Project Blogs that I found useful and easy to follow.


Old Town Home


Alex and Wendy Santantonio started this blog after years of experience in the area of DIY home improvement ideas. They decided to share their valuable experiences so that others could learn from their successes and failures. Right from designs for a good living room to ideas for garden lighting, the blog enlightens the readers on a range of topics.

One unique thing I found in the blog is that everything comes from real life experiences and is definite to work. Anyone looking for affordable ways to modify their houses can happily follow the blog for new ideas every now and then.

Sherry and John are behind this blog which started in 2007. In the last 10 years, they have done a lot including blogging, sharing DIY projects, writing books and designing products for homes. They started it all after they arranged their own backyard wedding, thanks to their DIY obsession.

You can find a number of home improvement tutorials on home maintenance, building a deck and even transforming a fixer-upper. Here, you get step by step instructions for each DIY trick and in-depth information on each. The interesting thing is that you can also get a lot of extra stuff here including a range of books and products.

Started in the year 2013, this blog is owned by Casey and Bridget. Being friends in high school, they eventually discovered their common passion for DIY projects and used it to decorate their homes. With a desire to share it with friend and relatives, they started the blog DIY Playbook. They help you make your home filled with memories that make you happy. And this, they do in the most cost-effective and easy ways.

You can find a number of interesting DIY home improvement ideas in the blog including framing your own personal home design style, decorating your dining room and much more.

The Design Confidential


A stylist, content creator, art director and interior designer, Rayan is the founding editor of this blog. She loves everything both modern and vintage and is crazy about DIY projects and wishes to share these with the world. Here, you can find her stories of travel, her latest retail obsessions and most importantly, DIY projects for home improvement.

Readers who are creative can make use of her out-of-the-box, unique and detailed tutorials for making amazing hand-made products. In fact, anyone can try their hand at the tutorials as these are easy-to-make regardless of the level of skill you possess.

This blog is started by Pete Sveen who loves to inspire others to try and create new things. He loves ‘Do it Yourself’ stuff and is not afraid to try new things. He shares his learning with others through the blog. His mission is to inspire the ‘Do it Yourselfers’ with his projects.

You can easily connect with his DIY tutorials as he breaks down each step to show people that his projects are actually doable. His ideas mostly focus on building furniture and art that has inspired thousands of people online and push them to try these at home.

Curbly was launched by home improvement enthusiast Bruno Bornsztein in 2006 to help bring out the best in our homes. The aim of the blog is to discover the creative side of home decor and build a community of people who love where they live.

Here, you can find a range of DIY projects that help beautify both the interior and exterior of your home. It is easy to search through the blogs and there is something for everybody, including beginners. The amazing team at Curbly makes sure that the posts are up-to-date and is in sync with the changing requirements of the world.

The blog started by Melissa has an interesting story to it. She loves the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and 320 Sycamore is the address of the old house where the character Mary wishes to live. The aim of the blog is to help people bring out the charm and potential of their homes and families. And she intends to make this possible with limited money and time.

The blog has many DIY projects to give your home a makeover and even make hand-made products to adorn your space. As she says, she is not very professional and likes to help people who are not either.

Thrifty and Chic


Alicia, the owner of the blog, is a self-diagnosed decorating addict. She shares her opinions on home improvement purely based on her experiences. She asks the readers to take great care while following her methods and give priority to safety.

The blog is updated with DIY projects every week and is helpful to people looking for home improvement ideas. You should definitely follow this blog if you are into the cheap, creative and chic decor and want to impress anyone visiting your home. An interesting thing is that you can share the DIY creation you made on the blog.

The writer of this blog is Kate Riley who describes herself as a renovator, design lover, and do-it-yourselfer. She is a lawyer turned blogger who quit her job to pursue her passion for interior decorating and her motto is ‘fabulous, for less’. Her posts focus on bringing affordable style to your home with smart home improvement, inspiring interior design, and creative DIY projects.

The unique thing about her blog is that she shares tricks and tips while creating something new or transforming a space. You can subscribe to the blog if you want a regular update on her latest DIY projects.

Addicted 2 Decorating


Addicted 2 Decorating was started by Kristi in 2007 as a place she taught, shared and inspired people to handle their interior decorating projects on their own. She started it while she felt dissatisfied with her job as an interior designer. She wanted to help others have beautiful homes even with a limited budget.

The blog includes posts about the projects she undertakes at her home, mainly about her DIY journey. People who are more independent and want to use their creativity at their homes can follow her as she lets her hands get dirty and do stuff herself.

Elizabeth is the blogger and creative designer behind this amazing blog. She started it as a new home owner who loved to utilize the freedom of decorating and handling DIY projects at home. With this blog, she hopes to inspire everybody to create a home that they love. The blog contains posts on home projects, DIY tutorials, WTG shops where she introduces her new products and much more.

I found it unique because there are a number of headings under which you could easily find what you are looking for. It is a great inspiration for anybody who is keen to try new things.

Dream Green DIY


Carrie Waller is behind this blog which started in 2011. She is a stylist, writer, and photographer and contributes content to many websites. The blog contains shopping roundups, mid-century design ideas, DIY tutorials, home repair projects and lifestyle stories.

Carrie is always eager to explore the newest home design trends which she shares through her blog for the world to know. She gives a virtual tour of her home which she has done herself. People can take real inspiration from this as she has maintained the beauty of her antique home while adding elements to it.

A passionate blogger and DIY enthusiast, Roeshel started this blog in 2007. She started writing about her DIY adventures after she bought her new home that required great makeover and some or the other DIY project was always going on. Her aim was to create a place where people could show off their work and be encouraged.

Roeshel mostly shares her work at her home with the readers like doing a room or garden. The blog is for people who are passionate about their homes and genuinely wish to transform it to match with their personalities.

Damask Love was started by Amber when she recognized her love for crafting thing. Previously, she was a child psychologist and later turned to a blogger, full-time crafter, and television personality. The blog is committed to sharing instruction and inspiration with DIY gals worldwide irrespective of their experience level. People who want to get creative and try new things often can follow her blog as she inspires others with her DIY projects.

The blog has a number of categories including paper, home, DIY, kids etc. under which you can find posts you are looking for and start your work right away.

The blog is owned by Molly who is a TV editor and freelance designer. She named it Almost Makes Perfect as she could never do anything perfectly. But, she has now learned to live with her impatience and accepted it as part of the process. Her blog has a number of categories like DIY, interiors, style, tips and much more.

You can choose one and view the related posts. She lets the readers shop from her house and gives detailed pictures of each and every room. She has tried a number of DIY projects herself that would be inspiring to creative people.

Contractor Culture's



This blog is started by Jim Young, who loves creating amazing wood crafting as a hobby. Contractor Culture's purpose is to provide the right home project guides at a reasonable cost.

Here you can find information as well as recommendations on what tools to have for construction/DIY purposes. From the most amazing brands of power tools, Contractor Culture's got you covered.

Bless’er House


The blog is started by Lauren who is a wife, mother, and more importantly DIY fanatic. Quite interestingly, she is an introvert and writing is how she expresses herself best and hence the blog. She has a lot of DIY projects in her garage and desires to help others by sharing these with them make her a good blogger.

Her blog includes posts on bathroom budget makeover, ways to create a gallery wall and many other home improvement ideas. She lets you take a house tour and explain how she has made it beautiful with her unique DIY ideas.

Little Red Brick House


Sarah is the person behind this lively blog. She loves everything DIY, be it crafting, home décor or blogging. Creativity was always in her blood which she now greatly uses to decorate her home to be inspired by its beauty. Through her blog, she hopes to inspire others to find their creativity and style so as to turn their homes into a place of their own.

Her blog consists of simple DIY projects like making a carpenter’s toolbox planter to something bigger like renovating a room. Her specialty is that she tries to make the projects as simple as possible for the readers to follow.

Pretty Handy Girl


Brittany, the person behind the blog is a graphic designer, artist, web designer and has a love for doing things herself. A DIY expert from childhood, Brittany really got into the trade when she bought a house that needed a lot of repairs to be done. In the blog, you can find tutorials on home repair, craft, and décor, sewing, and home improvement.

Anyone who wants to be handy and make their own repairs should definitely follow her writing as she strongly believes in being handy. Her mantra is that if someone can do it, then there is a 95% chance that she can do it too.

This blog was started by Diane in the year 2009. Her new house that she bought with her husband led her to the world of DIY design and decorating. As their budget was small, she used simple tricks to decorate the house. Her philosophy on decorating is ‘how to decorate so you feel at home’. The blog includes readable and approachable DIY projects with pictures.

The specialty is that Diane shows the process through step-by-step pictures and explanation. People on the search for affordable and creative ideas to decorate their homes and lives can follow her posts.

The Ugly Duckling House


Started by Sarah, this blog is named after the classic children’s tale. She started writing after moving into her new home where she got to work instantly. Her posts include a number of DIY renovation projects which she discovered as part of tearing her house apart and putting it back again.

The goal of this blog is to maintain a log of knowledge that could be of help to others. She is honest in her writings and shares what she has actually experienced, sometimes about hobbies, TV shows and everyday stresses along with handy DIY ideas.

Corey and Kristy started their blog after getting enough experience in craft shows and DIY projects. They began writing about their shop projects and DIY projects around their house. Today, it includes posts on curated vintage goods, artful furniture transformations and quick tips to restyle your home. They do this out of their love to share their story and passion with others. They have their own style of using certain items in a way unimaginable to many.

The readers could follow the blog to explore some of the unique products and ideas they possess and make these theirs.

Christina started this blog out of her interest in blogging and working on Do-it-Yourself projects to decorate her home. In free time, she attempts to paint, organize, DIY, craft and do many other interesting things which she later shares with her readers. She helps turn your house into a home on a budget. With her writings, she hopes to inspire as many people as possible.

Her blog contains posts on every home improvement topics like hand-made products, tips to beautify home, renovating rooms and much more. Readers are hooked to her writing as she includes a lot of easy-to-do makeovers.

Goods Home Design


This is an architecture blog or rather an online home design magazine that showcases ideas on home décor, furniture, bathroom, bedroom, furniture, apartments and interior design to name a few. The aim of the blog is to promote the profession of engineers, designers, and architects and provide opportunities for creating a new interior design.

Readers can actually benefit from following the blog as this is a good platform for them to show their creative work. The specialty about the blog is that the posts help you get an overall idea of what is happening in the ever-changing and creative world of design.

Bob Vila – Tried, True and Trustworthy Home Advice


Bob Vila is popular for his TV shows on Home improvements. He announces his life’s real episodes of building house projects on his blog. Bob puts down even smallest of his know-hows of useful home tools, their use, maintenance, common problems and their solutions, innovative ideas and much more to make you self-sufficient in performing any DIY project to upgrade your house. He even lets you enquire any specific problem of yours for answers.

Detailed high-resolution photographs and videos have been used to simplify things and processes. The blog is truly an encyclopedia of tools to learn better.

Sam, a school yoga teacher and a psychology Ph.D. candidate from NY, inspired by her father at 15 reinvented herself as a cost effective DIYer to improve, create, and build home improvement projects. Innovative, fun loving Sam suggests you all the tits-bits she has learned during these years in a step-by-step method.

Specializing in woodworking, her realistic concepts are out-of-world and you get ideas to make your home a place your neighbors would like to come and get surprised. You acquire unique ideas, solutions, and projects every month on home improvement and crafts. You can work with this powerful woodworker or share your suggestions.

One project closer


Founded in 2008 by Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred, One Project Closer is for all the tool lovers, for all go-getter DIYers looking for the latest and technologically advanced, yet simple to use handy tools and materials to sharpen their crafting and home improvement competencies. You not only come across a list of equipment arranged in A-Z list of brands but also gain access to entire project guides for all possible corner of your house.

Interestingly they have a special corner for the “better half” where lays recipes, DIY secrets, arts and craft, and creative party ideas which you can use as a secret to surprise everyone.

Kit, a licensed builder since 2004, shares her life as a master DIYer and her real life incidents at her farm house where she constantly implements innovative projects. Most of her house improvement plans are related to outdoors including the likes of backward, gardens and farm houses, and you will end up gathering lot of house building processes and their nitty-gritty.

The most interesting feature of her projects is her way of explaining things with the help of real life photographs. You will surely get the advantage from the blog if you have your own farm house and you plan to live in one soon.

It all started for this TV Storyteller after her daughter was born when she started taking the hit-and-try method to transform her dysfunctional home. Jennifer Stagg is an interior designer and a professional DIYer who is ready to help you beautify your house. With her blog, she can tell you about the hidden beauty of your house with best of the feminine imagination and leaves you with space where you can bring out the potential beauty by yourself.

Jen shares how to renovate your rooms with even slightest of movement of things in your house. She will make your house a pure reflection of your personality.

Dinah comes from Southern California, a wife and a mother of two daughters, left the desire of working outside the home and transformed herself as DIY crafty. In her pursuit of enjoying her motherhood, for the first time, she started loving the flea markets, thrift markets, garage sales, and began taking inspirations from books and magazines.

That all these made her an expert recycled DIYer, an upcycled DIYer and how her projects became blogs. You get all the tips and tricks of home and garden, possible creativity for different occasions, and of course DIY crafts.

The Family Handyman


One of the oldest and the largest publications from the Reader’s Digest Association family of brands, The Family Handyman is your handbook for all your questions on how to repair your household things from appliances to electrical and from plumbing to pest control. They even tells you, how and what to ask from experts visiting your house for this kind of repair works.

The website is made especially for the DIYers who have the flair for getting straight into things by themselves and, will answer all your queries on tools, woodwork and even how to remove, repair and remodel a wall, all by yourself.

Find out power tools, used by two sisters – Whitney and Ashley, to create the best-looking furniture, at an affordable price and remodeling your rooms. As a host of HGTV’s Open concept they turned their hobby into a career and are today inspiring lot many DIYers to do the same.

The sisters tell you, how simple looking wood can be transformed into an outdoor dining table or an outdoor lounge chair within no time. Or for that instance, their video tutorials will guide you to different home improvement projects. The best part is they have both indoor and outdoor projects which are easy to learn and implement.

Small Town Rambler


Karla from Virginia wants to encourage people to be a DIYer and be like her one day. It all started when they bought and old house and started remodeling and decorating it as per their taste. She shares all that they did, from maintenance work of windows, replacing entire bathroom, and waterproofing their bathroom, all by themselves.

You come across innovative ideas and work done by them while accomplishing outdoor projects, and how projects like decorating, painting thought to be costly were made affordable. You will surely start loving a thrift store once you visit her blog!

Kristina, who calls herself a blogger, furniture builder, antique lover, and a DIYer hails from Petersburg. She purchased a new house and the journey of blogging her exciting experiences of converting it to a home started. Her love for thrift shopping and bargaining obsession made her a successful DIYer and which you can experience on her blogs.

Kristina shares all the home improvement, home décor, and make over renovation projects and her favorite furniture buildings tips and tricks to encourage you to try these economical and practical solutions. She even talks about healthy and natural living ways and techniques like essentials oils.

Cassity, an interior designer, and her husband a landscape architect are dreamers and want you to become one through their blog. They share all the DIY projects they accomplish and ensure that they deliver the same within the limits of their budgets. You can also be a part of their endeavor to reduce, reuse, recycle, remodel and convert your house into a home.

Their DIY projects use a lot of wood, paper, and craft materials and not to forget old things into building new useful things. A virtual journey of their blog, which itself seems to be a dream project, will encourage you to become a die-hard DIYer.

By profession a graphic designer and marketing coordinator, Courtney was always passionate about decoration and crafty creations. Her hobby took a turn after she shifted to her husband’s home, soon after marriage, and started arranging things with a limited budget. She got inclined to thrift shopping and soon she was a DIYer, decorating her new home with things bought from thrift stores or from stores on clearance. She’s been recycling and reusing things, especially hardware, barn painting or practicing makeovers.

Courtney’s excellent in outdoor décor like party décor, wedding décor, and even theme based décor. She loves almost every household article from Pillows to Crochet and decorates them with equal tenderness.

Oh Everything Homemade


Bettina Johnson, an entrepreneur, retail management graduate and owns a Jewelry business, satisfies her creative side of nature by putting her experiences as DIYer on her blog. Her knowledge in advertising gets highlighted in her creative and innovative works which are practical and easily be done by anyone who is a DIYer.

You will learn practical projects like - farmhouse style wingback chair makeover, to functional farmhouse storage unit. Be it remodeling, DIY project, or home improvement, she is very particular about the financial aspect of everything and that is the crux of this DIY blog.

Daniel Kanter started blogging in 2010 from his college days in Manhattan, that’s why- Manhattan Nest, and is always excited about his DIY projects and shares them in detail. You encounter his job of makeovers, home renovations and restoration works especially the civil part. His blogs will encourage you, especially if you have a cottage, apartment or house owner who is willing to take up thing way of a DIYer.

You will come across his big restoration projects with the remarkable outcome and will be shocked to know that the materials used were primarily from a thrift store or flea markets.

Interior Stylist from Brighton, Maxine intends to share her personal experiences when she bought her first home. Her competencies as a professional interior stylist helped her create a house of her taste within a low budget. Her DIY with a small budget can change your lifestyle and your interior styling. She even shares her travel secrets with you.

If you happen to buy a house which is in a mess and are wondering which professional to hire, just get transformed into a DIYer with “We love home” as Maxine will provide an economical, chic and contemporary solution to your needs.

Earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a job as a Flight Test Mechanical Design Engineer did not satisfy Jamison- Rogue Engineer’s inner passion of working with wood and building things. And finally, when he needed furniture himself at a reasonable price and did not get one, he built one for himself. His belief of – have a plan, and follow it, grew stronger and he started blogging his DIY projects.

Today you can get enormous DIY projects for remodeling, renovating, and building wooden furniture for your living room, your dining space, and bedroom or kids space. His solutions are practical and take care of both your pocket and space.

Jules, as he is known started this blog way back in 2006 when his curiosity drew him to search for IKEA Hack and found a lot of ideas on the net. He just collated them on his site and that’s how it all started for him. Today his website is one of the popular sites for modifying and repurposing IKEA products.

Under his hacks section, you receive hundreds of DIY ideas to modify IKEA products. You can even submit your own unique idea under the “Ideas” section. It is interesting to make a note that the multinational group IKEA is nowhere associated with Jules.

DIY Done Right is the official website of “Simpson Strong-Tie”, who is a supplier of metal connectors and fasteners. If you are a die-hard DIYer you must need quality raw material, powerful tools and safe and strong hardware. When you buy products from them, you actually trust those engineers, architects, contractors, and construction professionals who use the same product to strengthen their homes and buildings.

Your home improvement projects can easily be accomplished as these products are widely available. They have an array of products for both your indoor and outdoor projects and restoration works. Give strength and long life to your DIY works with Simpson Strong-Tie.

The blogger, Allison, loves her passion for sharing her home decorating and her projects as DIYer. You get the benefit of her real life practical projects which she applies to her own house. As a DIYer, you yourself can implement her ideas and methods which are elaborately posted on her blogs.

From craft, house restoration, using simple and neutral colors Allison brings out the magic into the project. She also touches on the use of powerful tools to make your DIY easy and give long life and strength to the final product. From flooring to the kitchen cabinet, you get simple and practical DIY ideas to be implemented by you.

Live Love DIY


Virginia, newlywed homeowner and the blogger is ever excited and fascinated to share her DIY projects of restoring her house. You are sure to get encouraged by the small but impressive things she applies in her makeovers. She suggests simple and feasible solutions with definite budgets. In spite of this, the outcome of the projects is beautiful and authentic.

Her sense of utilizing space in makeovers is spectacular. Her observations and the aesthetic sense of bringing out the hidden potential of the space are marvelous. As a swift DIY learner, you can grasp this very effective skill from her blog.

A Purdy Little House


A purdy little house is a sweet blog by Sue Purdy, who is a wife and mother of 3 amazing daughters and also works 9 to 5. However, she loves to decorate and be creative with spaces. She started her blog to follow her passion. A Purdy Little House is all about new DIY’s every day and economical ways to make your beautiful and unique.

This blog contains lots of DIYs - from making a copper planner to food items like crunchy granola. With easy navigation, attractive graphics, easy to follow DIY’s and out of box decoration ideas, it’s worth a follow.

House *Tweaking


House Tweaking is a blog by Dana, who on the path of finding her happily ever after came to the idea of running a blog. She discovered her passion in interior designing, photographing and styling and her husband being an engineer is good with power tools. The blog contains amazing interior designing DIYs like setting outdoor kilim pillows in the backyard, handling household paper trails and much more. It’s full of inter designing ideas with interactive graphics.

Dana is also an IKEA brand ambassador. If you are fond of building things for your house, you can give it a follow.

For The Makers


For the Makers is a team of three namely Janet Crowther (Founder), Rachel Heaton(CTO), Evie Shaffer(Illustrator). Janet Crowther is also a book writer and has released two of its books on handcrafts. The blog contains tutorials, DIY and inspired DIY from various magazines. Some of its DIY includes framed wire grid organizer and mood board, Valentine’s Day free Printable gift wrap, carved hidden book storage and more.

Their DIY ideas are unique and quite amazing. With easy to follow DIY’s with clear cut pictures and directions, they are worth a follow. They are even praised by various magazines like teenVOUGE, Forbes and the likes.

Cuckoo 4 Design belongs to a German lady. She came up with the word cuckoo when she was called a crazy German by an older toddler. That’s when she first thought of the word crazy/cuckoo. She has been passionate about art from the very beginning and finished her degree in Graphic design along with her internship in marketing. Some of her DIY projects include making wood bead tassel, beautiful rugs for rooms, detailing fireplace with objects and much more.

If you want to make your home look good but are devoid of ideas, follow her and transform your house into a home.

Ana White (owner of the blog) lives in Alaska, happens to indulge in home furnishing when his husband decided to build a house all by himself for his little family. Ana wanted to be helpful in the making too and thus begin her passion for building things. One day she decided to make a bed for her newborn daughter and fortunately it turned out to be sturdy and beautiful, she hasn’t looked back ever since.

Her DIY projects include sliding door console, 4*4 Truss Bean table and other such amazing home furniture. The blog is a must-follow and inspiration for those with the weak financial position but dream of living in a beautiful house.

Vintage Revivals is a wonderful home décor blog which belongs to Mandi. She is a mother of two and is crazy and passionate about decorating home and believes in taking risks. Doing something at a small scale is not thing. She believes in being dangerous. Some of her DIY projects are DIY bird feeder, Giant pegboard DIY, DIY gold sharpie wall, black pipe wall scone and other amazing and creative home décor DIY’s.

Mandi also owns an ecommerce shop named Vintage Revivals shop of beautiful home décor pieces which if you wish to have it for you home. If you love being wild in doing thing too, give her a follow!

Your Turn

With enough details about each blog, I believe that the list was as helpful to you as it was to me. Searching from millions of websites is a daunting process and here, I have made it easier for you to land on the best blogs on home improvement. I found these really useful with their easy to understand projects that would even make novices look like experts. I would be happy to know what your valuable opinion is. Do post your views in the comments section and share the article if you liked it.

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