Design Trends to Laminate Floor Your Home: All You Need To Know

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and is known to be a leading global city. Aside from multiple economic opportunities, the diversity of the city’s population and neighborhoods also makes it an attractive residential place.


Design Trends to Laminate Floor Your Home: All You Need To Know

As a homeowner in Sydney, you are likely familiar with the challenge of designing your home. Flooring, in particular, is a crucial consideration since it will affect the visual appeal of your home and the function of your space.

Although hardwood flooring has been a go-to option, going for laminate flooring  is gaining more popularity today as it’s cost-efficient, and technological advancements have made it more attractive!

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring alternative that makes use of a lamination process to print a variety of designs and textures. A clear top layer then covers the printed image for durability and protection. If you plan to use laminate flooring in Sydney but are unsure of where to start, you can look at some of the latest trends to get some idea and inspiration.

Wood is Here to Stay

Wood floors are not new and have been in trend for the longest time now, and today, things are no different. Laminate flooring has given homeowners an affordable option to achieve your dream wood floors without having to spend too much. An added benefit to getting laminate floors is the extra durability, which prevents your floors from getting dents, scratches, or stains.

With the popularity of laminate continuing to boom, some have considered laminate floors to be the new hardwood. Advancements in technology have made it possible for you to achieve accurate wood appearances because of the lamination process and decorative layer on top.

All about Texture

Laminate flooring is known for being incredible power of mimicking different flooring trends while still looking realistic. Though smooth floors continue to be a classic, the new decade is all about texture in laminate flooring. Whether it be distressed, stone, or weathered, you can expect to find more creative and rustic selections for laminate floors.

Weathered laminate that mimics wood floors, for instance, are perfect for country-style homes or holiday homes since they look like they have been weathered by the sun or sea. If you’re designing your vacation house, you can also opt to go for ocean-kissed colours to give off that cool and charming vibe.

Hand-scraped surfaces are also extremely trendy today since their contoured surfaces give off a cosy vibe. They can also add realism to your floors to achieve a more global style by adding dimension to the wood look.

Waterproof Flooring is In

Back then, tiles were the go-to option for waterproof floors, but they were not always the most attractive or suitable for specific areas in your home. With more inventive laminate floor designs, however, you can now achieve your dream flooring with waterproof laminate. As a bonus, waterproof laminate also adds style to your contemporary-themed home.

Laminate floors can also be a great alternative to stone floors like tiles and ceramic, which can sometimes mimic the look of luxury vinyl. With these new options, you can not only achieve the waterproof feature like tiles but also get the stone look that you have been thinking about!


Through innovations, manufacturers have explored more and more options for flooring materials. Today, you can find a lot of places that do laminate flooring in Sydney and it’s growing in popularity because of its modern look and the consumers’ increasing support for local products.

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