3 Amazing Tips for Decorating with Vintage Finds

Today, we have a contributed topic by Diana, a full-time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. She will share with us her experience in vintage decorating with just some simple vintage finds.

The beauty of vintage decor is that it’ll offer you an eye-catching, yet functional look. No matter how glamorous your living space may be, with a few pieces of rustic furniture, some charming accents and the right choice of colour palette, your home will get a touch of antique elegance that will perfectly fit the rest of the decor.


3 Amazing Tips for Decorating with Vintage Finds

Vintage Furniture

An old distressed finish coffee table can be just the right piece of furniture to complement the rest of the living room decor. Introduce a neutral colour like ivory, and it’ll match the rest of the furniture perfectly.

With a shabby chic bedside table, your bedroom will get a whole new look. It’s a flawless piece of furniture that will add just enough dose of cosy cottage charm. Speaking of shabby chic, nothing speaks vintage like a wooden bed featuring a big ornate headboard. Consider having an ornate French-design vanity counter in your bathroom, or maybe a bedroom for a touch of timeless vintage feel.

A distressed-finish vanity table is just the thing you need for making your bathroom stand out. With a wicker basket underneath, you can place folded towels or other essentials and keep the bathroom clutter free.

Colour Palette

Complementary colours are all you need in order to create a harmonious look in your home. For the best vintage look, go for neutral hues. Light shade distressed-finish furniture can be combined with darker walls or other brown furniture. Bright yellow, blue and white, with a touch of ivory, and pastel shades are all you need for that rustic yet comfortable feel in your home.

You should also consider adding some pastel blue, pink, and green colours, so you can easily match your coloured glassware and pottery with them.

Decorative Items

Incorporating some old but precious family memories to the home decor is the essence of vintage style. Therefore, if you’ve hesitated to hang your grandmother’s antique portrait, don’t anymore – make it a part of your living room design. Old postcards, framed children’s drawings and inspirational quotes printed on an antique-like paper will look amazing as a part of your vintage decor.

An antique chandelier is always an excellent touch of style so consider having one in your home. However, don’t try to install it yourself; turn to a professional Sydney electrician who will do the job quickly and efficiently, leaving you with nothing but the beautiful decorative item that will gorgeously illuminate your living space.

Vintage clock, alongside distressed-finish furniture, will add a touch of rustic ambience, so be sure to hang one in your living room, and maybe even a dining room.

The kitchen is the room to place shabby chic details, such as floral patterned teacups, plates and kitchenware. Vintage-style storage containers will go flawlessly with the rest of the decor. This is especially true if you’ve already made a rustic distressed finish shelf a part of the decor. Add some porcelain bowls, old enamelware, and glass jars to it, and you’ve got yourself a charming vintage kitchen.

The foyer, on the other hand, is the best room for showing off vintage accents. Therefore, if you have various vintage plates, displaying all of them in the hall could be a perfect way to add vintage charm to your entire home.


Shabby chic details add a certain dose of charm to a modern home. With a few interesting accent pieces or even some rustic furniture, you can create an eclectic home that will look better than you can imagine. Therefore, don’t be afraid to improvise and experiment with colours and patterns, and you’ll create a unique vintage-inspired home you’ll love.

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